An Evening at the Gimes

(Please refer to the email Jason Mundie sent out on February 7, 2004 to CSCLIFE as to why this wasn’t titled “An Evening at the Keims”.)

Originally, I thought I was gonna be out of town this weekend due to some Intensive Training with LST, but the team decided not to go and that meant I could stay in town. Woohoo! Anyways, so Dave Keim invited some of us older folks over to their house tonight for chili and games. The chili was really good and the games were a lot of fun.

The first game we started out playing was Trivial Pursuit, Pop Culture Edition 2. This was my first time playing a DVD version of the game. The rules really came to an advantage for our team (Todd and Leslee Tarbett and Rebecca Casey). Right off, the team of Dave and Ellen, Chad and Meredith landed on a Pie piece place. The way it works in this game, is the last 5-10 seconds depending on the question, it says all play… at which any team can say an answer. The first team to get it correct, gets the pie piece. Well, half of our pieces came from being able to answer other peoples questions. I’m pretty good at trivia stuff and so are the Tarbett’s so it may not have been a fair game to begin with.

I finally got my chance to play Killer Solitare at the Keim’s house. Ever since like my Junior year, Sparky and Tafanie would tell me that I should play Dave. So I’ve been waiting for this moment for a number of years. We ended up playing to 200. I would usually get between 20-22 points on each hand. There was only a couple of hands that I saw less than 20. I didn’t go out as many times as Loraine, Dave, or Rebecca though, but I still managed to be the first to get to 200. I’ll admit this now, but I don’t think it would have made too much of a difference in the score. Towards the end, Chad and Jon Mer started to throw the cleared piles at me. The first time it happened, I was in the middle of going through the burn pile or whatever you call it. I wasn’t holding onto my cards tight enough and I think a few of them ended up getting dropped on the floor. I’m thinking it was only like 5 cards. That may have helped me later on, but I wasn’t about to sort through the cards while the game was still being played. The way I see it, they shouldn’t have thrown the cards at me.

I had forgotten how fun Killer Solitare was. I hadn’t played it in a few years. It definitely needs to be played some more. Oh well, its really late now and I need to go to bed.