The Holy Rollers

So that’s our team name. A few weeks ago, David Page (one of the research professors in our lab) sent out an email to see if anybody was interested in joining the UT Bowling League. The response was pretty good. There are 12 teams in the league and our lab is two of those teams. We are the Holy Rollers and the other team is the Electric Cowboys (since they are students and staff that work out at IRIS West).

It took a lot longer than I expected it to though. We started at 6:00 and it lasted until 8:45. This is going to happen every Monday. Next week I’ll learn to pack dinner because I was starving afterwards. If anybody out there wants to become an alternate for our team, there’s still an opportunity for you. As an alternate, you don’t have to pay anything (your fees are paid by the person you are subbing for), but you also don’t get to share in any of the prize money.

Brentwood Hills Thingy

This weekend turned out to be more fun than I thought it might be. For those of y’all that don’t know the back story here it is. Johnsie Henderson left the position of Youth Minister at Laurel to become the College Graduates/Singles minister at Brentwood Hills in Nashville. Their group was going to have a retreat in Gatlinburg, TN this weekend. Bryan and I were both invited to come along and we were told we should invite some of the other guys. (There already plenty of ladies there, so they didn’t say we should invite any of our ladies.) Well none of the guys wanted to go, so it was just Bryan and I that went up.

I’ll not say much more about that now, so I’ll share a Geoff Hague like story with you. For those of y’all that haven’t heard the Geoff Hague story, he was a boyscout who died in 1970 because he got lost on the trail back from the Ice Water Springs Shelter to the Newfound Gap parking lot. Anyways, so Saturday during “free time” (which happened to be all day), we decided we would do some hiking and go to Charlie’s Bunion, since it’s not too difficult of a hike. Well it turns out that 17 people wanted to go hiking. This brings then number in the group to 19. That is a HUGE group! Most all the folks are mature though, so it wasn’t something I was worried about at all. However, Bryan and I were the only ones that were experienced and were the only ones that were prepared.

We pretty much were in two groups. Team E and Team C all over again… Hahaha, not really. We had a faster group which I stayed with and a slower group. I tried to get a little ahead of the faster group when I started to see ice patches. I knew that it was going to get worse and so I scouted it out. Sure enough, the ice was pretty bad on the trail. Anyways, so the two groups meet up at the Sweat Heifer trailhead. After hanging out there for several minutes, the group decided to move on. I went down Sweat Heifer to make sure that we had all the people that went down there. The three folks that were down there said they were the last so we went on.

Icewater Springs Shelter

We arrived at Ice Water Springs Shelter and hung out there for a little bit. It was then we noticed that one of the guys was missing. Nobody knew were he was, just that he was last seen at Sweat Heifer. Most all the people were ready to turn back anyways, so we agreed that we should head back and see if we can find the missing guy. Bryan went ahead to search Sweat Heifer and I made sure that I was the last person. There was another guy in our group totally had on bad shoes for hiking and was naturally going to be slower than the rest. Once Bryan got back from Sweat Heifer determining that the lost guy had probably not gone any farther, I switched from Team C to Team E. I trail ran about 3 quarters of a mile to the parking lot.

It turns out the missing guy thought he would take the lead to go down Sweat Heifer but realized that nobody else was following him. We had already left, so he did what his instincts probably told him to do, he headed back to the parking area. It probably would have been best for him to wait just at Sweat Heifer, but oh well. The important thing was he was safe and we didn’t have another Geoff Hauge like story to publish.

Snow Patrol

You too can join the snow patrol!

What is the snow patrol. The snow patrol is made up of an elite bunch of people ranging for the absolute beginner (me, green circle) to the most seasoned of veteran (Jethro Mac, double black diamond) skiers and snowboarders. So, if you’ve never been on the slopes anytime in your life, you may still qualify. There are a few more conditions that must be met before you can be absolutely certain that you qualify. First, you must have some spare cash set aside for recreational use only. We won’t be staying at some resort or anything like that, but you’ll still need money for rental (if you don’t have equipment ~about $17) and of course your lift ticket (~about $36). The second condition is, you will need to be ready to go during a weekday. This is because the rates are cheaper and the slopes are less crowded.

If you think you qualify, let me know. Within the next few weeks, if we see that there is new snow on Sugar or Beech Mountain and it is a weekday, we’ll head up and hit the slopes.

An Evening at the Gimes

(Please refer to the email Jason Mundie sent out on February 7, 2004 to CSCLIFE as to why this wasn’t titled “An Evening at the Keims”.)

Originally, I thought I was gonna be out of town this weekend due to some Intensive Training with LST, but the team decided not to go and that meant I could stay in town. Woohoo! Anyways, so Dave Keim invited some of us older folks over to their house tonight for chili and games. The chili was really good and the games were a lot of fun.

The first game we started out playing was Trivial Pursuit, Pop Culture Edition 2. This was my first time playing a DVD version of the game. The rules really came to an advantage for our team (Todd and Leslee Tarbett and Rebecca Casey). Right off, the team of Dave and Ellen, Chad and Meredith landed on a Pie piece place. The way it works in this game, is the last 5-10 seconds depending on the question, it says all play… at which any team can say an answer. The first team to get it correct, gets the pie piece. Well, half of our pieces came from being able to answer other peoples questions. I’m pretty good at trivia stuff and so are the Tarbett’s so it may not have been a fair game to begin with.

I finally got my chance to play Killer Solitare at the Keim’s house. Ever since like my Junior year, Sparky and Tafanie would tell me that I should play Dave. So I’ve been waiting for this moment for a number of years. We ended up playing to 200. I would usually get between 20-22 points on each hand. There was only a couple of hands that I saw less than 20. I didn’t go out as many times as Loraine, Dave, or Rebecca though, but I still managed to be the first to get to 200. I’ll admit this now, but I don’t think it would have made too much of a difference in the score. Towards the end, Chad and Jon Mer started to throw the cleared piles at me. The first time it happened, I was in the middle of going through the burn pile or whatever you call it. I wasn’t holding onto my cards tight enough and I think a few of them ended up getting dropped on the floor. I’m thinking it was only like 5 cards. That may have helped me later on, but I wasn’t about to sort through the cards while the game was still being played. The way I see it, they shouldn’t have thrown the cards at me.

I had forgotten how fun Killer Solitare was. I hadn’t played it in a few years. It definitely needs to be played some more. Oh well, its really late now and I need to go to bed.