One of those cool God Watching Out For You Stories

A true story that happened to me today…

It started out pretty normal. I was leaving the house and locking the deadbolt. I noticed it was a little difficult to turn. It did lock, but I couldn’t get my key out. I pulled like crazy to get that key out and it would not budge. I went into my car and thought pliers would help, they did not. My next thought was to call a locksmith. I didn’t want to pay the fee for calling 411, so I tried a few people first. The first person I called was our landlord, but as luck would have it, he and his wife were having a baby at that time. (They had a baby girl, so congratulations to Tony and Kim if you happen to be reading this.) Next I tried the Buckley’s, but they weren’t home. The next person I called was Nancy Prosser (one of my “other moms”).

She gave me a number and told me to call her back if I needed another number. I called this place and they said the earliest they could come out would be in the afternoon, between 2 and 3:00. They said they would call back when someone was available. I was about ready to call Nancy back to get another number, (stupid me didn’t have a pen in my car) when low a behold a lady and her son were distributing the Bellsouth Phone Book with Yellow Pages! I didn’t have to call her back to get another number, I could look it up myself. Woohoo! I did call her back and told her my story of how the Yellow Pages just happened to be distributed today in our area. So to shorten this story some, I called a few more places, and each told me it would some time after 3:00 before they could send somebody out (I have failed to mention that it was around 10:30 when all this happened).

Then the bright idea occurs to me, I can drive myself to get some WD-40 and maybe that will loosen it up enough to get my key out. Guess what, it worked. I then called the three places to say that I wouldn’t need their service. That’s a good thing… Each told me it would be about $65/hr+taxes, when all they probably would have done was sprayed WD-40 in the lock and pulled it out.