A Cool Bargain

Contrary to popular belief, the Friday after Thanksgiving is rarely the busiest shopping day of the year. That day typically tends to be the Friday or Saturday before Christmas. If you’ll look at the previous years, you’ll see that when Christmas has fallen on a Sunday, the 23rd is the busiest day of the year. I thought I was done with my Christmas shopping, but thanks to a call from one of my sisters last night, I had to make the trek out to the mall today.

It was absolute craziness. I figured East Town (Knoxville Center) would be less crowded than West Town (which it probably was). Traffic was really bad. Lines were long and I do really believe that it could be the busiest day thanks to those last minute shoppers. Anyways, so after I had found a gift I decided to walk around. I found this really cool bookstore that I hadn’t heard about. Its probably one of those only there for the season store, but still it was pretty cool. It was a Christian Bookstore, but all the books were $5 or less. The Bibles and Reference books are about the only things that cost more than $5. It wasn’t like it just had old books that most people would only pay $5 for anyways. They had a lot of good books. I hope this store is still there when I get back up.

So I ended up with 3 books by Brian McLaren, 1 by Brennan Manning, 1 by David Crowder, and 1 by Eric Sandras. At least four of those books ALWAYS come up (at least once) in by Gold Box on Amazon.com and they are all 6 in my Recommendations. Even after the discount if purchased through the Gold box, it is still a $10-$15 book. Y’all should check out this store. Its in the lower level just below the food court.