Going up the Chimneys

Hiking up to the Chimney Tops
Today was a great day to take off of work and just get outdoors. Bryan and Matt (also known as Trox) went up to the Chimneys today. Its quite a popular hike for people to do, mainly because its not too strenuous and is only two miles. However, when the trail is mostly ice, its not a fun trail to do. There were a number of times a slip could mean you’re up the creek. This was another one of those times it would have helped to have my crampons. Its not like I didn’t think about that beforehand… I just couldn’t find them.

I got to do a lot more interacting with different people on this trail. Bryan and Matt hiked a man way that connects the Chimneys to the Sugarlands Mountain Trail. I wasn’t too comfortable with my footing, so I just said I would meet them at the junction with Road Prong Trail. It probably was a stupid thing to hike back alone when the conditions where less than desirable. Though most of the time, I really wasn’t alone. Other groups would be hiking down or on their way up. Those on their way up would ask about what the conditions where like up ahead. Since I knew I had some time to kill, I hiked slow on the way down. I had to kill about 50 minutes at the junction. I started out by eating the sandwich I really should have eaten hours ago to get some energy. I got to watch like 5 people take a spill at this one spot near the junction. But all of these, only kill so much time. Then I got to have some quite time. There’s nothing more warming then spending some quite time in below freezing weather.

Here’s the link to the rest of my pictures from this trip.