Let’s All Be Uncool Together

Just in case you didn’t get the email…

On January 11th a new era in men’s fashion will begin again. An ancient artform will be reclaimed and reestablished with the reverence it once commanded. The first Wednesday of the new semester will be CSC mustache day.

For those of you too young to ever remember anyone with a mustache and you’re not quite sure what one is,…here’s how Websters defines it:
mus·tache also mous·tache

  1. The hair growing on the human upper lip, especially when cultivated and groomed.
  2. Something similar to the cultivated, groomed hair on the human upper lip, as:
  1. A group of bristles or hairs about the mouth of an animal.
  2. Distinctive coloring or feathers near the beak of a bird.
  3. Food or drink sticking conspicuously to the upper lip: wiped the milk mustache from my face.

For one glorious evening we will singlehandedly return the mustache to it’s once prominent place in the facial hair hierarchy. So start not shaving your mustache right now. …good job. That wasn’t hard at all was it? Now keep up the good work and I’ll see you all on the 11th.

Todd Tarbett

Girls, you should come with type 2c since it my not be possible for you to do 1.