What Happened to Post 163?

Y’all may not have noticed, but you never saw post #163. You can tell what post number a post is by the number that shows up in the status bar down below when you bring your mouse over a title. Here’s the story on post #163.

Over Thanksgiving break an email came from the CSC Website prayer request page from somebody Firstname Maidenname Lastname. There was no public announcement that Firstname Maidenname had gotten married, so seeing it from Firstname Maidenname Lastname caught me off guard a little bit. The request was simple… It just said Marriage and Pregnancy. This kind of added to the shock. Not only had Firstname Maidenname Lastname gotten married, but was also pregnant. The thing that was strange about it was, it was submitted from a location that Firstname Maidenname Lastname or her husband would not have been. Its possible that one of them could have been there, but I suspected it wasn’t submitted by them. (I know this by the IP address of the submitter.)

Normally when a prayer request gets submitted that people know, I would forward it on CSCLIFE. This request was a little different. I instead forwarded onto her and her husband, but neither one replied. Post #163 was simply a prayer for them and for them to take comfort that Jesus’ blood can wash over a multitude of sins. It was only saved as a draft and has since been deleted.