Challengepoint, Narnia, and Other Randomness

So this weekend was a good weekend for our youth group. We had Challengepoint due the retreat. I was formally a Challengepoint Pointman, so it was good for me to really see just how Challengepoint works. In the past, all I could see was whether the group was coming together or not. I never really saw where they were coming from. I know where our group was coming from though, so it was pretty amazing. I heard several people say it was the best retreat ever. I went as a van driver and chaperon for the Junior High boys. They were very well behaved. I think there is one person that changes the dynamic of the group and they become rowdy when he’s around, but he wasn’t at the retreat.

With The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie fixing to come out, I’ve started to reread the Chronicles of Narnia books. If you read them over as a kid, I highly recommend that you reread them now as an adult. There sure is a lot of symbolism that can be missed as a kid.

And now for the other randomness… We should all be congratulating Zach. Only Zach can tell you why we should be congratulating him. Also, a thank you to Chad for sharing with us why Zach should be congratulated. Also, when is it gonna finally get cold and stay cold.