Neighborhood Bike Ride

Well today was the day of the Neighborhood Bike Ride that I referred to back on post #150. “But wait a second Cuff Daddy, hadn’t you said something about going backpacking this weekend?” To which I would have to reply as “Yeah, I did.” As to which you might say, “So what’s the deal?”

Well about Wednesday night I realized that I can’t spend all weekend having fun. I’m gonna have to set aside some time to work on worship stuff for Sunday night, etc. Also, I had forgotten that I had signed up to eat dinner on Friday night as part of the Laurel/CSC dinners. I didn’t even know where I was going until Thursday night when I got an email from Dave and Jen Smith with directions to their house. Also joining us for the evening was Sheridan Davis, and Dan and Sarah Watkins. It was a lot of fun. The first part after dinner was just sitting around listening to The Beatles on 33 1/3 RPMs and being entertained by their kids. Dan and Sarah left when it was time for the kids to go to bed. After they were asleep, Dave, Jen, Sheridan and I played Rummikub. Dave won the first game and I won the second and third games. Truth be told, Sheridan could have won the third game if she would have seen that after rearranging 7 different melds, she could play her last remaining tile. Anyways, when I got home I was talking to Jon and it turns out he told Wendy Smith (the house he went to) about the bike ride. Her and one of her friends had planned to go to Cades Cove, but they decided they would stay local instead.

So this morning, I got out on my bike and biked over to Market Square. After registering, I ran into Wendy and her friend Jennifer. We got to talking and wondered if we would see Greg Bell. 3 minutes later, Greg and his whole family show up. They had thought they saw me riding down Broadway, so that just sealed the deal. The ride was a real pleasant ride. At about mile 2.64, I decided that I had enough of the slow pace and wanted to book it some. So I kicked it up a little until the rest stop at Ijams Nature Center (mile 6.04). I chilled there for a while and waited for Wendy and Jennifer. As we were leaving, the Bells where just arriving. So we rode back (near the head of the pack) to Market Square. There the had pizza waiting for us. It wasn’t the crappy kind like Papa John’s or Dominoes, it was from the Tomato Head. Now here’s something for all you folks to keep in mind. Before you get in line, you should remove your gloves if you still have them on. I was about to remove him when one of the guys was like, “Hey remove those gloves! You don’t want nasty gloves all over your food.” Well my intent was originally to remove them and use some hand sanitizer, but since my hands obviously aren’t nasty (just my gloves are) I didn’t. I didn’t see too many other people going to wash their hands either, so I just hope I don’t get sick in the next few days because I didn’t wash my hands.