Well Didn’t that Game Suck

Since graduating, becoming staff, and no longer a full time student when I’m a student, I can no longer get those free student tickets. So in the past four years, I haven’t gone to many games. The games I do go to are ones where I am fortunate enough to get a ticket from someone at church. This game was no different.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets and a parking pass from Nancy Prosser. Nancy is one of a few “second” moms I have up here. When she found out that she is the same age and even share’s the same first name as my mom, she insists that I call her mom. When she heard that the game was going to be a night game, she decided that she wasn’t going to go. They have 4 tickets and gave me two of them. I think the other two might have gone unused though, because there were two empty seats next to us. I gave the other ticket to Kacie Cook since she goes to Pellissippi and also can’t get student tickets.

I realized something before I left for the game… I have never taken any pictures from within Neyland Stadium… (yeah I’m still waiting for Ben to get me down on the field). So this game, I was gonna take my camera in a take some pictures. The 20D with my 70-200mm 2.8L lens would be the best, but a little too much to take into the stands. I thought about taking the G3, but I ended up taking the A80 since its smaller and fits easier in a pocket. I’ll share with y’all a Panorama I stitched together real quickly this morning. You’ll notice a cross between the lights up in the sky boxes. That was not photoshopped in. I’ll have to look and see what that really is. I never noticed it until I looked at these pictures. It appears in both of the pictures that cover that section in the panorama, so its not some lighting anomaly.
Panorama inside Neyland Stadium