Even Bigger Readership

Wow, I don’t realize just how many of ya’ll are actually reading this and others. Tonight at church, I had 6 different people bring up my blog. I never had any clue the readership was as large as it is. I was heavily equating the number of comments with the actual number of readers… This isn’t the case. A lot of the people that read it, won’t comment at all… and that’s just cool with me.

Well tonight at Laurel, we were blessed to have snagged Rick Atchley while he is speaking at Johnson Bible College. He delivered an excellent lesson on Daniel and the Lion’s Den. How often does a lesson slap you in the face before you leave the door though? I found out tonight that one of the guys that I work with goes to the International Class on Wednesdays at Laurel. All along he could have been observing me and now relates my actions to the Church at Laurel.