Update coming soon…

I have about five post ideas in my head, but not enough time to write and properly research them all.

So this weekend was pretty crazy busy. Saturday was the Tim Kerin Food Drive. I haven’t heard how much money was raised for Second Harvest Food Bank, but I’m sure its a lot of money. In just about 8 minutes through Circle Park, Becca Payton and I probably collected about $400. The game was a huge disappointment though.

Sunday was really busy… I had to be at church really early to set up the projector and the computer and get some last minute additions to the announcements from Dave Keim. After church we had lunch with a prospective youth minister candidate. He seemed genuine and good. If we don’t hire him (or he doesn’t accept our offer), I know God will do great things through him where ever he is. There was a Q&A session with him that lasted until about 3:00. I luckily had about two hours to go home to prepare for the presentation on Let’s Start Talking that I was going to give to the church. The presentation went fairly well. How many people do you know that could pull of a presentation like that in just 10 minutes? (I wasn’t thinking that I would be at the church almost all afternoon + having to get things coordinated with Mike Taylor for the songs.)

Last night, we were assigned random numbers to sit at a table to have an intergenerational discussion. Another goal was to get to know everybody at your table. Since I was breaking down the projector, I was a minute or so late getting to the table. They hadn’t started yet though. As I approached, I was like “Cool, I know everybody at the table!” They all knew me too, so our table didn’t have much meeting of new people going on. (I suppose that is a good thing though.) After we finished our assigned discussion… we started talking about the 1906 split. I am glad I know a little bit about this particular subject, so I could actually converse. Its interesting to hear the role that the Civil War plays in the history of the Church of Christ. I want to research that even more.

Well some of you have asked about what the Teaser was about… Some of you correctly guessed that it has something to do with LST, but you haven’t gotten it right yet.

Now did you really expect me to have a post that has nothing in it but promises of an update? Really… what’s the point in that? 😉