Monthly Archives: October 2005

Since graduating, becoming staff, and no longer a full time student when I’m a student, I can no longer get those free student tickets. So in the past four years, I haven’t gone to many games. The games I do go to are ones where I am fortunate enough to […]

Well Didn’t that Game Suck

Yes indeed, all those things could have been experienced this weekend if you hung out with me. 😉 Friday night was the annual BCM Barn Party. This year, they invited all the other campus ministries… I don’t know if we were the only other campus ministry there, but all the […]

Square Dancing, BBQ, Bears, and Chicken

Wow, I don’t realize just how many of ya’ll are actually reading this and others. Tonight at church, I had 6 different people bring up my blog. I never had any clue the readership was as large as it is. I was heavily equating the number of comments with the […]

Even Bigger Readership

The trail we ended up doing was Chestnut Branch to the Appalachian Trail. From the AT we would head up to Mount Cammerer. I went back with Leslie to the van which was parked near the ranger’s station. Bryan, David, and Brad went down to the Cosby Campground via Low […]

Going Up Mt Cammerer