Well Didn’t that Game Suck

Since graduating, becoming staff, and no longer a full time student when I’m a student, I can no longer get those free student tickets. So in the past four years, I haven’t gone to many games. The games I do go to are ones where I am fortunate enough to get a ticket from someone at church. This game was no different.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets and a parking pass from Nancy Prosser. Nancy is one of a few “second” moms I have up here. When she found out that she is the same age and even share’s the same first name as my mom, she insists that I call her mom. When she heard that the game was going to be a night game, she decided that she wasn’t going to go. They have 4 tickets and gave me two of them. I think the other two might have gone unused though, because there were two empty seats next to us. I gave the other ticket to Kacie Cook since she goes to Pellissippi and also can’t get student tickets.

I realized something before I left for the game… I have never taken any pictures from within Neyland Stadium… (yeah I’m still waiting for Ben to get me down on the field). So this game, I was gonna take my camera in a take some pictures. The 20D with my 70-200mm 2.8L lens would be the best, but a little too much to take into the stands. I thought about taking the G3, but I ended up taking the A80 since its smaller and fits easier in a pocket. I’ll share with y’all a Panorama I stitched together real quickly this morning. You’ll notice a cross between the lights up in the sky boxes. That was not photoshopped in. I’ll have to look and see what that really is. I never noticed it until I looked at these pictures. It appears in both of the pictures that cover that section in the panorama, so its not some lighting anomaly.
Panorama inside Neyland Stadium

Square Dancing, BBQ, Bears, and Chicken

Yes indeed, all those things could have been experienced this weekend if you hung out with me. 😉 Friday night was the annual BCM Barn Party. This year, they invited all the other campus ministries… I don’t know if we were the only other campus ministry there, but all the other people I meet were from the BCM, so the CSC may have been. Anyways it was a lot of fun. Here’s a picture of most of us from the CSC that went.
BCM Barn Party CSC Group
On a side note, the house that it was at was the Acuff residence. Not as in your’s truely, but another set of Acuff’s. And for those of ya’ll that are asking… So are y’all related? I looked it up, and indeed we both decended from this guy named Cain Acuff. Cain Acuff is 9 generations up from me and like 7 generations up from the guy that hosted the barn party.

On Saturday morning, Eric, Brad, and I went to meet Michele in the mountains. The trail we did was Gabe’s Mountain. We meet up at the Maddron Bald trailhead and left Michele’s car parked there. We then drove over in my car to the Cosby Picnic Area and got on the Gabe’s Mountain Trail. It was kind of an eerie day as you can see from the photo. It rained on us for most all the trail. As usual, it was a lot of fun though. On the way to Hen Wallow Falls, there was another group of hikers. They were about 8 total, but they were all split up. One guy had gotten really far ahead of their group. When we caught up to him, he told us that there was a bear up ahead. This would make the 4th bear I have seen, but it was too far off to get a photograph of… dang it! We stopped at campsite 34 for lunch. This is when I didn’t want to see a bear, and thank goodness, I didn’t.
Foggy on Gabe's Mountain

After we got off the trail (at 2:50, 10 minutes ahead of my schedule!), we shuttled back to my car. Eric, Brad, and I then proceeded to the cookout at Caroline Evan’s house. So we would stink up the place, I had already arranged for us to be able to take showers there. Luckily the weather was much nicer at the cookout than it was in the mountains. There was plenty of food and good times. A lot of the time for most people, was spent watching the UT-Bama game. Which was a disappointment to most all of us… except for Caroline Evans and Ann Gupton. Come Iron Bowl day… they’ll have a different look (at least I hope!). 😉Caroline Evans and Ann Gupton after the UT-BAMA game

Even Bigger Readership

Wow, I don’t realize just how many of ya’ll are actually reading this and others. Tonight at church, I had 6 different people bring up my blog. I never had any clue the readership was as large as it is. I was heavily equating the number of comments with the actual number of readers… This isn’t the case. A lot of the people that read it, won’t comment at all… and that’s just cool with me.

Well tonight at Laurel, we were blessed to have snagged Rick Atchley while he is speaking at Johnson Bible College. He delivered an excellent lesson on Daniel and the Lion’s Den. How often does a lesson slap you in the face before you leave the door though? I found out tonight that one of the guys that I work with goes to the International Class on Wednesdays at Laurel. All along he could have been observing me and now relates my actions to the Church at Laurel.

Going Up Mt Cammerer

Mt Cammerer Group
The trail we ended up doing was Chestnut Branch to the Appalachian Trail. From the AT we would head up to Mount Cammerer. I went back with Leslie to the van which was parked near the ranger’s station. Bryan, David, and Brad went down to the Cosby Campground via Low Gap trail. Afterwards we meet up with Mer, Loraine, AnCharlene, Ashley, Benton, and Nathan for a cookout in the Cosby Campground.

There’s probably going to be a number of hikes planned in the next few weeks if anybody wants to go.