Um, Been Meaning to Post

I’ve really been meaning to post recently, but I just haven’t quite gotten around to it. So a lot of stuff has been happening since then. Let’s give a real quick run down.

  • Jack Reese Seminar
  • Went to my former Roommate’s wedding
  • Started Working with Agape kid Darius
  • Starting to work with Jr. High Kids on Sunday Nights
  • Been trying to talk to my old youth minister to apply at Laurel

I’d like to expand on each of those, but in reality, it ain’t gonna happen. So I might be brief about it. I pray that everyone at Laurel will take what Dr. Reese said this last weekend to heart. I might get around to posting about my thoughts on his book. BTW: If anybody wants to read it, you can borrow my copy.

Maybe I’ll get around to posting on Saturday night. I’m going home to visit my family and see my Grandpa. As many of ya’ll know, he ain’t be doing real well for the last several months. He keeps hangin’ on though.

Well that’s all. If you were expecting more, sorry. Like I said, maybe Saturday night I’ll post, ’cause their sure ain’t a whole lot to do in Taft, TN. Y’all take care now, ya hear?

To the tune of…

Gonna need your help on this one. (That means comment if you know another one not already listed!)

We’ve decided that to go along with the lessons on grace, we’re gonna sing Amazing Grace to many different tunes… This is where your help comes in… I’ve sung it to a few different songs, but perhaps you’ve sung it to a different song and wouldn’t mind sharing.

Anyways… here’s my list of songs
Amazing Grace
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Gilligan’s Island
Joy to the World
House of the Rising Sun

If you’ve got another feel free to share it. Now its time to finish reading The Body Broken by Jack Reese. This weekend is going to be very busy.

Idea for Laurel Website

Ok, so after talking with Muriel Brown this evening, she has given me an idea on something that can be a regular feature on the Laurel Website. (My idea, so if you think it sucks, its all my fault.) It would require constant input from people though. The feature would be “What our Members are reading”. This would, of course, only consist of the Christian/Religious books. For me… I’ve noticed that is usually the cheapest place to get books… Laurel also has an Affiliate account with them… What this means, is if you enter using the link below or the one on the Laurel Website, up to 10% of the purchase will go back to Laurel… So if you buy a lot of books, you might as well tithe too. 😉

Bike The Creeper Again?

Last night at church I was talking with Ron Clark. He would like to get together another group and bike all of the Virginia Creeper Trail. The date for this trip would be October 15. There isn’t a home game, away game, or wedding planned for this day. It is really a fun bike trip. If you’d like to go, let me know. Hopefully, this will turn into a more official trip.

A Great Weekend to Get Outdoors

This weekend was absolutely perfect to get outdoors. The weather was really nice, it was a holiday weekend, and gas dropped below $3.00 per gallon. Actually on Saturday, it was still up around $3.29 per gallon. I didn’t have tickets to the game, but instead of watching it at home alone, I decided to head over to the CSC. I also wondered what it would be like to bike over there. I live probably just 5 miles from campus so its not far at all. Its mostly downhill on the way to campus, which means on the way back, its mostly uphill. I’ll start biking to work more often now.

On Sunday, after lunch, a few of us decided to go for a quick hike between then and meeting up with people to go to Boomsday. We headed up to House Mountain, the highest point in Knox County. Its a nice hike that you don’t have to drive very far for. Its only about a 15 minute drive from the CSC. Jon and Loraine also joined us for the first time. Along the way, we decided to go off the trail because it looks like there was an overlook. At the overlook, we “tried” to spell out VOLS. This picture is just one of our attempts. Also on this hike, somebody came up with animal and names for everybody. You’ll need to reference Loraine’s blog for those.
V O L Um, that's not an S

On Sunday we also decided that we were gonna hike Meigs Creek. Meigs Creek runs right into The Sinks, a popular swimming hole in the Smokies. Meigs Creek is also a trial that is known for the number of stream crossings you have to do. Typically, if you have to cross 4 streams on a trail, you would say that its a lot. This trail has 21 stream crossings. This is the perfect time of year to do it because the water is down and all the streams can be navigated by careful rock hopping. Brad had invited his friend Alysha to come with us on the trip. So on the way back we decided we would get a group photo. I didn’t have my mini tripod with me, so I just sat it on a rock across a stream and hope I could make it back in 10 seconds. It was a lot of fun.
Alysha, Brad, Me, Jon and Bryan