A Strange Dream

I went to bed last night at about 10:30 CST. This morning I woke up at 5:30 CST. I went downstairs and was up long enough to drink a glass of chocolate milk and turn on the 6:00 News. Seeing that church doesn’t start for until 9:30, I decided to go back to bed for a little bit. That’s when I had this dream that I can still vaguely remember…

It was just another Sunday at Laurel, or so it seemed. After class, we all proceed to go upstairs to the “Auditorium”. I was hanging out in the foyer greeting people as they were coming in. Joey was leading singing that morning, or so it appeared. His first song was “The Steadfast Love of the Lord”. After that I decided to go into the “Auditorium” and get a seat. The first thing that struck me was we had two projection screens. One on the left and one on the right. The next thing that struck me was that all the pews were gone and people were sitting in chairs. (By struck me, I guess I mean now that I’m awake they sturck me, not necessarily struck me in my dream.) The chairs were in a circle that was as big as the room would allow. The rest were just rows behind the circle. When I found my seat Joey was leading the congregation in “Step by Step”.

Now here’s what the dream gets a little strange. Up until this point, that could SO be a normal Sunday. But this wasn’t any normal Sunday. I had picked up one of the Bulletins / Order of Worships but didn’t actually bother to look at the Order of Worship. The next thing that happens was Joey sits down and some guy gets up and starts reading some passage from the Bible. This guy looked familiar to me, but I was certain he didn’t normally come to Laurel. So I finally looked at the Order of Worship and they had Caedmon’s Call as a special guest at our worship service. Next Derek Webb gets up and starts leading the congregation in singing. It wasn’t the traditional Church of Christ a capella singing though, but it wasn’t quite the complete band that you would normally hear when listening to Caedmon’s Call. Instead it was a very stripped down band. It actually just looked like two of the guys with acoustic instruments that weren’t plugged into the sound system. They were just playing while the guy was leading everyone in song.

I can only remember two songs. One of them was a Caedmon’s Call song and the other one was “Diving In” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I didn’t have a radio on or have my iPod playing, so there isn’t any reason why those particular songs should have been featured in this dream. During the middle of “Diving In” is when i woke up. I don’t remember anything else about this dream.

What does it mean?