Um, Been Meaning to Post

I’ve really been meaning to post recently, but I just haven’t quite gotten around to it. So a lot of stuff has been happening since then. Let’s give a real quick run down.

  • Jack Reese Seminar
  • Went to my former Roommate’s wedding
  • Started Working with Agape kid Darius
  • Starting to work with Jr. High Kids on Sunday Nights
  • Been trying to talk to my old youth minister to apply at Laurel

I’d like to expand on each of those, but in reality, it ain’t gonna happen. So I might be brief about it. I pray that everyone at Laurel will take what Dr. Reese said this last weekend to heart. I might get around to posting about my thoughts on his book. BTW: If anybody wants to read it, you can borrow my copy.

Maybe I’ll get around to posting on Saturday night. I’m going home to visit my family and see my Grandpa. As many of ya’ll know, he ain’t be doing real well for the last several months. He keeps hangin’ on though.

Well that’s all. If you were expecting more, sorry. Like I said, maybe Saturday night I’ll post, ’cause their sure ain’t a whole lot to do in Taft, TN. Y’all take care now, ya hear?