And Now… The Rest of the Story

In case you don’t know where to find the CSC Pictures, but you know my blog addres… Come here: The following is just one account of how Ktownleelee, Crazy Hands Dobbs, and Cuff Daddy won the scavenger hunt tonight… Our prize…. A $7 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings.

First of lets start out with how the teams we’re formed… At first they let us decide on teams, but of course, that doesn’t work out… The CSC doesn’t come to decisions very easy. Then Katy just numbered us off 1 through 5. (Though they were six teams, one decided that they were keeping their team as it was.) It ended up being Myself, Eric, and Alicia on a team.

The next item we received was the list of rules. (Props to Eric for typing these up so I can just copy from his blog).

  • Each picture is worth 1 Point
  • Walking and running are the only forms of transportation allowed; NO CARS!!
  • Groups must stay together at all times and take pictures with one camera!
  • Please do nothing illegal; if you violate this rule, tell them you are from somewhere else. Ha ha.

Bonus: If you bring back food for your fearless leaders (Jesse and Katy) this will count as 4 points.

  1. A picture of at least one group member roasting a marshmallow on the Torchbearer.
  2. Reenacting Andy and Rebeca’s proposal in the exact location that it took place.
  3. A picture of a group member reading the Beacon in front of the fish pond at the Pasque building.
  4. A picture of a teammate rolling down the hill in front of Ayres Hall with the building in the background of the picture.
  5. A picture of a teammate swimming in the pool at the T-Recs.
  6. Bring back a pizza box from Mellow Mushroom.
  7. A picture of a teammate flipping burgers at some restaurant.
  8. A picture of everyone in the group forming a human pyramid on the rugby field.
  9. A picture of your entire team sitting behind the RA desk at any dorm.
  10. A picture of a teammate with a ticket scalper on the strip.
  11. Paint “CSC” on the rock and take a picture of it and some of your teammates.
  12. Take a picture of a teammate playing on the Thackston school playground which is on Lake Ave.
  13. Take a picture of a teammate riding the bull at humanities.
  14. Take a picture with an usher from the Clarence Brownf Theatre.
  15. Take a picture riding the trolley cars down by Thompson-Bowling Arena.
  16. Take a picture with a random architecture student working in the architecture building. (Random does not include Zach Spivey or Eric Dobbs!)

Well, so the first thing we do is we go to South Carrick were Alicia just so happens to be an RA. We easily got our picture behind the desk. Alicia volunteered herself for the swimming pool picture, so she went up to her room to change. Eric and I waited in the lobby for her. This proved to be where we would come out on top. During this time, we used my intricate knowledge of the UT campus to synergize a strategic plan for accomplishing our goal of winning the scavenger hunt. We came up with a map of the route that would maximize the number of spots taken. We also got to talking with one of the RA’s behind the desk. She was kind enough to supply us with a can of spray paint. Rock On!
Behind the RA desk at South Carrick
From there we went onto the TRECS to get a picture in the swimming pool.
Alicia in the Swimming Pool by TRECS
Our next item required us to break into the Thackston School Playground. Luckily we found a place where jumping over the fence wouldn’t be to bad. Eric quickly hopped on a swing and started swinging.
Eric on the Swing at the Thackston School Playground
The next item, which we didn’t have to take a picture of, was a pizza box from the Mellow Mushroom. We all went inside (along with another team) to get our box. We also came away with a lemon from the Mellow Mushroom. You’ll notice, one of the bonus items was food. Lemon would qualify as food.
After the Mellow Mushroom we continued down the strip. Before taking a picture with a ticket scalper, we stopped into Walgreens to buy a bag of marshmellows. You’ll notice, these were needed later on. Being the night before UT’s first football game, I expected scalpers to be out more in force. We only saw like two. The first one refused us to get a picture taken, but luckily this nice guy had a good spirit about it and let us take our picture with him.
Picture with a ticket scalper
Our next picture was a little bit tricker to get. We decided to go into Krystal’s to get the burger flipped. It turns out, Wendy’s was really the place to do it, but you know Cuff Daddy… He’s not going to let some silly rules get in the way of accomplishing his task. After asking the manager if we could do this, and after getting shot down because of health codes, we decided to improvise. We bought a Krystal Burger and flipped it ourself… In the dinning room area. You can see in the picture, the hamburger is in the air, and thus being flipped. Rock On!!!! It actually took us like 12 tries to get this shot. Alicia couldn’t manage to keep it in the frame. But this one turned out really good.
Flipping burgers at Krystal's
For our next picture, we headed up to the hill. We also picked up a Beacon for later usage.
Eric rolling down the hill.
Thankfully, I have card swip access to Science and Engineering, so we cut through it to get to the fish pond between Pasqua and Estabrook. This is were Eric would decide to read his paper.
Just enjoying the Daily Beacon
After the pond incident, we took a very long route over to the trolleys by the arena. I was starting to get tired by then, but I kept on running.
Eric on the Trolley Car
From here, we would just ran over to the Torchbearer for the very illegal roasting marshmellows on the Touchbearer.
Eric Roasting Marshmellows on the Touchbearer
After some very illegal marshmellows, we headed over to Europa. Again, Eric volunteered for this picture. I had trouble getting it framed, mainly because I couldn’t see it. Oh well, here’s probably the best of the ones I took.
Eric riding Europa
Our next destination would be the Art and Architecture building. Eric being the Architecture majors, knows were all the people hide out at the A&A building on a Friday night. Here is the snap we took.
Working hard at the A&A building on a Friday Night
Our final destination would be the rock. Our contribution was the bottom CSC. As you can see, only 1 other group actually painted CSC on the rock. Another group tried to take credit for it, but it was easily proven that they didn’t do it with another picture.
Painting CSC on the Rock
Finally we headed back to the CSC with our pictures and food items. Our grand total was 17 out of 20 points. After not being 100% sure of Andy and Rebecca’s proposal spot (I knew the general area, but not the specific spot) and determining that the Rugby field would be too time consuming, we decided not to do those. We flat out forgot to do the Usher at Clarence Brown… That is something we could have easily accomplished between Europa and the A&A building. Oh well. Like I said, we won… if though some accused us of cheating because they didn’t see Alicia… (She just happened to be at the end of the hallway.) Eric and I just happen to be a little bit faster up the stairs then she was. In general we were never too far apart.

So this is the story of how you too can become a winner at the CSC Scavenger Hunt.

Breaking News: Don’t eat at the Wendy’s on Cumberland Avenue

Acuff Press: September 2, 2005 – The Wendy’s on the Cumberland Avenue should be avoided at all costs. Today it was found in violation of the health code. Non employees were photographed behind the counter in the kitchen area flipping burgers without a hair net and without washing their hands. This happened on more than one occasion. Your reporter tried something similar at the Krystal’s on the Strip. He was not near as successful. So I would have to recommend Krystal’s over Wendy’s. You heard it first. This will probably be the ONLY time I recommend Krystal’s over Wendy’s. More news at the end of the 11:00 hour.

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