Found this Perspective

Ok, so thanks to the facebook, I came across this in somebody’s blog. The names have been protected since I only talked to this person for maybe 10 minutes on Sunday. However, it is still worth sharing. This was written in reference to a visit to the CSC on Sunday night. You may know who this is. Anyways, its always nice to get an “outsider” (hopefully it’ll be an insider before too long) perspective.

“I went to church tonight for the first time in a long time and my first communion in a really really long time. It was cool tho and the people were nice — a lot nicer than the people at my church anyway. So I’m going to try and be optimistic about this place and go as often as I can. I was able to lure **insert name** there with the free food and I told her I had to stay for service because it isn’t right to eat and leave. But she seems to have enjoyed the CoC experience and I felt accomplished being there too.”