Even Busier Weekend Than Planned

On Friday night, a group of about 25 of us went up to the Look Rock Fire Observation Tower for the annual first devotional. I’d like to say that I am proud of this group of people that went up. When we got to the top, there was another couple that was just eating take out chinese while watching the sunset. So we start singing and after a few songs the guy asks us if we do requests. We’re like, “Sure if we know it”… He’s like “I bet you know this”. So he gets out his harmonica and starts playing Amazing Grace on it. We realize he was playing Amazing Grace, so the second time through we join in in song with him. In the past I’ve been with groups that would not have joined in because they would have thought that it was wrong to do so. Think of the impression we would have given to this guy if we hadn’t joined in song with him… This sometimes makes me wonder, what would happen if some random person was visiting our church. During one of the songs said random person just happens to know the song on the harmonica and happens to have harmonica in said pocket. Said person gets it out of pocket and joins in playing it. How would you respond? How would we as a church respond?

Ok, this is the reason the weekend was busier than planned. After I dropped the folks off at the CSC, I took the van back to Laurel. On the way home, both Jon and I were hungry. We stopped at McDonald’s because its one of the few places that would be open at this hour. I think we ran into the Friday Night Football crowd, cause it was pretty busy. So after I finally got home, I checked my email. Chad has been feeling sick and wasn’t going to be able to do the PowerPoint for Sunday morning. This put me in a bind… Joey is busy studying for his qualifiers, so he is also out of the loop. That pretty much means I’ve got to put it all together before Sunday.

Yesterday we went whitewater rafting down the Upper Pigeon River. It was fun, but I like a little more excitement. Oh well, here’s a picture for y’all. Read more about it in Mer’s post.
Whitewater Rafting