Yesterday I got a call from Bryan while I was at work. He had this great idea to get a group together to ride around the Cades Cove loop. The plan was to meet up at 10:15. I sent an email to the CSCLIFE listserv inviting all to come. I only got one reply. It was Todd. Here’s how things were supposed to go. Matt Troxler was going to meet Bryan at his place and they were gonna meet up with Todd and Me. Todd came over to my place. Matt Wizneiwski and his girlfriend Brooke was also going to meet us at the beginning of the loop.

Well for those of you that know Todd (the campus minister at UT), you know that he doesn’t have a cell phone. What you also may not know, is that his home phone is also not working. (Probably due to needing new batteries, but oh well.) So communication is a big issue to begin with… Well as he was getting ready to leave, he ended up busting one of his tires. He did manage to call. I’ve got a couple of extra bikes, so I let him us one of mine. On the way here, he used directions from Yahoo. I guess they are pretty bad. Somehow he was supposed to turn at an intersection of two roads that actually run parallel to each other. Well so we ended up getting there a little bit later than originally had planned.

We expected to be the last people there… but we weren’t. Matt and Brooke were already there. Luckily I knew Matt, otherwise they may have just gone on instead of waiting for Bryan. The thing was, right before Todd showed up at my house, I called Bryan because they were already supposed to have left. When I called, he said he was in Maryville. So I was a little surprised to see that he wasn’t at the parking area at the beginning of the loop road. We waited for about 10 minutes when he finally showed up. There was a couple that had locked their keys in their trunk. They had OnStar but apparently that only works when you leave the keys in the ignition. Oh well. So he drove them to a gas station where a family member was gonna bring another set of keys to them.

So the ride last night was pretty fun. It was foggy as all get out though. As you might can guess, it was really humid too. The full moon helped out in some areas, but there were other areas you just had to turn your light off because it was so foggy. Well that’s my adventure from last night minus having to go through a sobriety check point on the way home.