The Other Side of the Keyboard

Yesterday, on the flight from Oklahoma City and Chicago, I read Milton Jones’ new book. The Other Side of the Keyboard. For those of you that don’t know who Milton Jones is, he is the preacher at what is now called the Northwest Church. No doubt you’ve probably heard his name before… He was a campus minister at Texas Tech and decided to do a Campus Ministry plant at the University of Washington over in Seattle. A few years after moving to Seattle, Mike Buckley did his internship in Seattle. So you’ve probably heard about Milton Jones and Seattle if you’ve ever been around Mike Buckley for more than 10 minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, the church is now just called the Northwest Church. It used to be called the Northwest Church of Christ. In fact, it was still called the Northwest Church of Christ when we did our spring break mission trip to Seattle back in 2003. Since we where there, they have merged with the Shoreline Christian Church. Basically, about the only difference in their beliefs had to do with instrumental music. Northwest was a cappela and Shoreline was instrumental.

Milton had done a study on just exactly what does the Bible say about worship. I’ll let you read the book to find out more. Its a really quick read, but you’ll find some of the stuff in an earlier post I had that pertained to this particular subject. What is interesting though was that when he preached his sermon on instrumental worship, he didn’t allow it to be recorded. He said that sermon was intended only for his congregation. Yet somehow, someone made their own bootleg recording of it and started to distribute it. Well words will get added and things that weren’t ever said will be said. This is exactly what happened with this bootleg. Milton wrote this book so that the words in it, would actually be his words.

Everybody (instrumentalists and non-instrumentalists) should read this book. He doesn’t really try to persuade one way or the other, but it definitely will help you understand what the Bible says about worship versus what we have added to the Bible.