It’s a No Fly Zone!

No Tafanie, we aren’t laughing WITH you, we’re laughing AT you.

After finishing our reading sessions on Thursday, we were going to go over to Joey and Edda McKinney’s house for dinner and to spend the night. Their house is very nice, but has on big problem… BUGS! The other morning (Chad, Amy, and I weren’t there, but trust us, we’ve heard this story many times…), Tafanie was over at their house. Before you eat a meal, you need to go around and kill all the flies. However, you aren’t allowed to kill them on the table. Well for those of y’all that know Tafanie’s sense of humor, she says the table is a “No Fly Zone… You Get it? A No Fly Zone? HAHAHAHA!” So this morning, Joey made her a sign…

No Fly Zone

After Breakfast, we heard a song that was made up about the injuries last year. I thankfully had the less serious of the two with a broken toe. Chad broke his collarbone which required surgery. Joey and David made up a song about us. (Mostly about Chad though). He is Titanium Man and I am his sidekick, Tonto Toe. They sang it to us. Finally we began our day long adventure with the buggies. Since we had 7 people, we had to get two buggies. Our experience wasn’t the same as last year… This was very calm and without “emotion”. It was just a ride along the south coast of Paraiba (the state we are in here in Brazil). Our ride ended at a beach called Tambaba, a nudist beach. Don’t worry, the beach is divided into two parts… a regular beach and then the naturalist beach. We only stayed on the regular beach.
Buggy Ride

Yesterday Was a Long Day

As my previous post stated, yesterday morning started out very early. We set our alarms for 4:00 so we would be ready for Julian to take us to Cabo Branco to see the sunrise. Afterwards, we came back to the school and went back to sleep for a little bit. It still wasn’t enough time though. Wednesdays are also my busiest day. From 10:00 – 12:00 is the only free time I have until I am finished reading at 7:00. 4:00 is when the church members meet here to play soccer so I try to keep that time free. We didn’t start playing soccer until a little after 5:00 though. I didn’t get to play very long because I had a reader at 6:00 and I figured it was probably better to shower before that session started.

Yesterday was also Iordan’s birthday. Amy, Chad, Jesse, and I decided we wanted to get him something. We each pitched in a little and got him an English – Portuguese Bible. Yesterday was also Friend’s Day in Brazil. People write notes to their friends and give it to them. I know I’ve heard some of y’all say that you want Valentine’s day to be more like that.

Last night Natalia, Andrea, Giselle, and Amanda wanted to take us out for Tapioca. Unfortunately Chad and Jesse had readers, so they weren’t able to go. It was very good. I’ve only had Tapioca pudding in the United States. This is VERY different. Its almost like an omelet but not so much egg. I also got to try Macaxeira. I didn’t like it as much. So after we finished eating, we walked along the street where there were lots of stores. Being the only guy in the group meant a lot of standing around while they shop. This is when I really wished Chad and Jesse were there. 😉 The night still wasn’t over… We continued walking and got ice cream. While we were walking though, we stopped several time to take some crazy pics. I end this post with one of them.
Crazy Pics

The Sun Rises Early in João Pessoa

Julian, Chad, Amy, and Me
Julian is one of Jesse’s readers. Last week he took us to the fort at Cabedelo and to Jacaré. Yesterday he showed up at the school because he wanted to take us to Cabo Branco to see the sunrise. As I have mentioned before, Cabo Branco is the furtherest point east of the Americas. Julian arranged to pick us up at the school at 5:00 A.M. He has really been wanting to take Jesse to see it. Jesse didn’t go with us because he was staying the night at Joe’s (Lori’s brother) so that he could go to the airport to get his return ticket changed.

One of the things about Jacaré, is that a guy plays the saxophone while the sun is setting. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Julian, being a saxophone player, decided to give us a surprise. While we are standing there, he goes to his car and pulls out his saxophone and starts playing for us. He was very good. It was a very pleasant surprise. Afterwards, we headed to the true extreme point, Pointe do Seixas and walked along the beach there for a little bit. Afterwards, we came back to the school and needless to say, we went back to bed.

Today is also Iordan’s birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mostly Reading Sessions

Well today was mostly just reading sessions. I had 8 on my schedule, but only 3 showed up. Of the three that showed up though, 2 signed up for more time later this week. The friendships I formed last year seem stronger this year and I am forming new friendships. Its really great. It’s going to be hard leaving again. I’m really tired right now, so this post is going to be brief.

If you haven’t noticed… I’ve been putting up pictures pretty frequently. All of this years pictures (so far), can be found at:

Party Time!

Saturday was the second of our free days. We started off the day by going to Hiper Bompreço (a big superstore kind of like Wal-Mart, actually its owned by Wal-Mart). We went there to get some groceries for the next few days and to get ice cream and stuff to make cookies for the party that night. We ate lunch at the Pizza Hut in Hiper. Pizza Hut is really good down here (I’m not one usually for pizza). I think I like it so much better down here is they put way less tomato sauce on it. Anyways, its also one of the most expensive restaurants we will eat at. After we eat, we took our groceries back to the school and put them up.

For the next part of our day, we went to the downtown area. First we went to the zoo. It was worth the R$1,00 to get in, but not much more than that. For those that are curious, R$1,00 is equal to about 42 cents. The exchange rate isn’t quite as good this year as it was last. A lot of the animals were just in their feeding cages. It must have been their nap time or something. Oh well… We did get to see some cool birds, monkeys, and quati. After the zoo we went to the São Francisco Church. Jesse, Amy, and I did the tour of the church. I don’t think some of the people from Laurel could handle visiting this church. It had a lot of beautiful sculptures and paintings of Jesus on the cross. The church is no longer used for religious services anymore. They have turned the upstairs into kind of a history of the church and the city. After we finished this church, we headed to the old governor’s mansion. We watched the sunset from there and then took a bus back to the school.

Saturday night was our first LST party of our project. We had a small turnout, but it still turned out to be a lot of fun. We just played miscellaneous games and relays. I kind of missed the first couple of games because Lori had showed up with my laundry. I figured it was kind of important to start getting my clothes hung so they might dry before church started the next morning. It was a really good time though. The flash on my camera had been set to full power, so I have a lot of over exposed pictures… I’ll try to fix some of them, but a lot of them will take some work to fix. I have only put up a few of the better ones on my site for now.
Waiting in Line for the Relay Race

Today (Sunday), we had church in the morning. Afterwards, we ate lunch with Joe McKinney and his kids, The Hagewoods, and Ricardo and his sons. The women were all out on a women’s retreat this weekend (except Lori for obvious reasons). Which reminds me, a comment was made at the party last night that you could tell the women were absent because of our decorations. After lunch, I ended up going with Lori, her mom, and Amy to the Artisan market. I’ve been a few times, so I new exactly what I was looking for. I should have just walked back from the market. I had a reader at 3:00. At 2:30 I said we probably ought to get going. Of course, we don’t leave until 3:10. Thank goodness Chad was willing to cover. Davison was the only reader to show up at 3:00. Then my 4:00 reader showed up at 4:25. Before I tell you who he is, let me tell you a little about him. He’s CRAZY! HAHAHA He’s also very good at Pump It Up. A game very similar to Dance, Dance Revolution. After his session, he hung out with us for a while. Chad, Amy, and I had decided we needed to get out, so we decided to go to the Mall. There is food there and there is also a movie theater. Well on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the movies are R$12,00. When we had gone earlier it was just R$8,00. The movie was also going to start really late, so we decided to come back on another day to see it. Since my reader had one credit for Pump It Up, we went into Gamestation and watched him play. He’s very good. Way better than I would be. Now let me introduce this reader to you. He’s Iordan. I can’t quite think of anybody at the CSC or at Laurel with an attitude like his. Well after we watched him do his four songs, we caught a bus back to the school. Since the last time I was here, they have gotten a ping pong table. I’m not as good as Charlie or Joey, but I’m not all that bad either. The paddles and ping pong balls have been missing up until today. I played Nielson and it wasn’t even a match.