Final Party and Bye Bye

It saddens me to write this post… but tomorrow I will be getting my flight to arrive back in the United States. We fly out of João Pessoa to Recife to São Paulo to Miami to Dallas. In Dallas we spend the night because we have the end meeting with LST. After that is over with, we fly from Dallas to Orlando to Knoxville. This year has been really great and I really do want to return later. If not doing LST, then doing something else.

Today was a last party. This is something I am glad of. I know the purpose they parties serve and they are great for that purpose, but they can be so draining on hosting. Today we were a man short. Chad left this afternoon since he has to be back at work on Monday. The fourth person is really a help in keeping the flow of the party going. Our theme was Arr!!! Pirates! Some of the first couple of games seemed to drag to me, but I think people had fun. Our biggest hit was the treasure hunt. We had 4 pieces of a map with clues on the back to find the next piece of the map. Tafanie, thanks for helping out tonight… We really needed you. It would have been impossible to watch the food and make sure the games were running smoothly with only three people.

To all my new Brazilian readers, I love y’all very much and I am glad I got to spend this short time with y’all. Last year, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to return, but God provided a way. I pray that he opens an opportunity for me to come back next year as well. To those of you that I met last year, I feel like this year I haven’t gotten to know y’all even better and am really thankful for the times we shared. Thanks to many different things, its a lot easier to stay in touch. To the people that I just meet this year, these past two weeks (or less if you didn’t show up for a while… 😉 ) have been great. God Bless you all.

Goodnight everyone… I must put off packing until the morning. Bye Bye Everyone.