It’s a No Fly Zone!

No Tafanie, we aren’t laughing WITH you, we’re laughing AT you.

After finishing our reading sessions on Thursday, we were going to go over to Joey and Edda McKinney’s house for dinner and to spend the night. Their house is very nice, but has on big problem… BUGS! The other morning (Chad, Amy, and I weren’t there, but trust us, we’ve heard this story many times…), Tafanie was over at their house. Before you eat a meal, you need to go around and kill all the flies. However, you aren’t allowed to kill them on the table. Well for those of y’all that know Tafanie’s sense of humor, she says the table is a “No Fly Zone… You Get it? A No Fly Zone? HAHAHAHA!” So this morning, Joey made her a sign…

No Fly Zone

After Breakfast, we heard a song that was made up about the injuries last year. I thankfully had the less serious of the two with a broken toe. Chad broke his collarbone which required surgery. Joey and David made up a song about us. (Mostly about Chad though). He is Titanium Man and I am his sidekick, Tonto Toe. They sang it to us. Finally we began our day long adventure with the buggies. Since we had 7 people, we had to get two buggies. Our experience wasn’t the same as last year… This was very calm and without “emotion”. It was just a ride along the south coast of Paraiba (the state we are in here in Brazil). Our ride ended at a beach called Tambaba, a nudist beach. Don’t worry, the beach is divided into two parts… a regular beach and then the naturalist beach. We only stayed on the regular beach.
Buggy Ride