Yesterday Was a Long Day

As my previous post stated, yesterday morning started out very early. We set our alarms for 4:00 so we would be ready for Julian to take us to Cabo Branco to see the sunrise. Afterwards, we came back to the school and went back to sleep for a little bit. It still wasn’t enough time though. Wednesdays are also my busiest day. From 10:00 – 12:00 is the only free time I have until I am finished reading at 7:00. 4:00 is when the church members meet here to play soccer so I try to keep that time free. We didn’t start playing soccer until a little after 5:00 though. I didn’t get to play very long because I had a reader at 6:00 and I figured it was probably better to shower before that session started.

Yesterday was also Iordan’s birthday. Amy, Chad, Jesse, and I decided we wanted to get him something. We each pitched in a little and got him an English – Portuguese Bible. Yesterday was also Friend’s Day in Brazil. People write notes to their friends and give it to them. I know I’ve heard some of y’all say that you want Valentine’s day to be more like that.

Last night Natalia, Andrea, Giselle, and Amanda wanted to take us out for Tapioca. Unfortunately Chad and Jesse had readers, so they weren’t able to go. It was very good. I’ve only had Tapioca pudding in the United States. This is VERY different. Its almost like an omelet but not so much egg. I also got to try Macaxeira. I didn’t like it as much. So after we finished eating, we walked along the street where there were lots of stores. Being the only guy in the group meant a lot of standing around while they shop. This is when I really wished Chad and Jesse were there. 😉 The night still wasn’t over… We continued walking and got ice cream. While we were walking though, we stopped several time to take some crazy pics. I end this post with one of them.
Crazy Pics