The Sun Rises Early in João Pessoa

Julian, Chad, Amy, and Me
Julian is one of Jesse’s readers. Last week he took us to the fort at Cabedelo and to Jacaré. Yesterday he showed up at the school because he wanted to take us to Cabo Branco to see the sunrise. As I have mentioned before, Cabo Branco is the furtherest point east of the Americas. Julian arranged to pick us up at the school at 5:00 A.M. He has really been wanting to take Jesse to see it. Jesse didn’t go with us because he was staying the night at Joe’s (Lori’s brother) so that he could go to the airport to get his return ticket changed.

One of the things about Jacaré, is that a guy plays the saxophone while the sun is setting. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Julian, being a saxophone player, decided to give us a surprise. While we are standing there, he goes to his car and pulls out his saxophone and starts playing for us. He was very good. It was a very pleasant surprise. Afterwards, we headed to the true extreme point, Pointe do Seixas and walked along the beach there for a little bit. Afterwards, we came back to the school and needless to say, we went back to bed.

Today is also Iordan’s birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!