Combining Several Days Posts

Well Meredith, you were right, it is very difficult to blog when the Internet is down. I hope nothing urgent from work has come in or anything else. The internet has not been working here since Tuesday afternoon. You see, Hunter owns a business and on Monday and Friday he is here in João Pessoa, but on Tuesday through Thursday he is in Campina Grande. The DSL and Wireless Router are kept in his office at the Escola da Biblia. Well on Tuesday afternoon there was a power outage that lasted for several hours. (Long enough that our beef was rank). When the power came on, the wireless network was not working. The office didn’t see the effects until Wednesday morning. Junior’s computer also uses wireless to get on. When someone with a key came in, I got to take a look and see what the problem was. Brazil runs on a 220V system. The DSL modem is 110V (this is what the US uses). Hunter has a special power strip that converts the power into 110V. This power strip must have spiked when the power went out and it blew the transformer in the DSL modem’s power supply. So needless to say, we’ve been without internet for quite a while now.

But enough about that… Let’s give a run down of what all has happened: It’s been really great getting to see people from last year and meeting some new people as well. I have a reader everyday at 4:00, but he hasn’t been showing up. Yesterday we played soccer at 4:00 with the church members so I decided to play… Guess what, he shows up. I didn’t read with him yesterday, but he hung out plenty at the church. Then I get a call from Renaldo… (he read with Jenny and Loraine last year) He wanted to meet us today to take us to this Special Cultural Market. I asked him if noon was alright and he said yes. Well tonight at 7:00 he shows up. He thought noon meant in the evening… oh well. It’s all good; he was taking his girlfriend and his sister too. We already had plans to eat dinner with Hunter, Lori, Mathias, and Sabrina. Who is Sabrina? Well she’s still inside Lori’s tummy but any day now…

Thursday we also got a visit from Dalcino. Chad emailed him that we were in town and he came by to see him. Both Chad and I read with him last year. He’s a really great guy. It was really good to see him.

I know I’m jumping around, but I’m writing as stuff comes in my head. On Wednesday night, one of Jesse’s reader’s, Robinson wanted Jesse to come look at his computer. Jesse points him over to me, since I’m pretty good with computers. We walk for 25 minutes to his house which is 10 minutes away. (I know it doesn’t add up, don’t even try) It didn’t take me long to fix his modem. After it was fixed he kept offering me everything… Money, DVDs, CDs, even an English-Portuguese New Testament. It was really nice of him, but as you know I couldn’t take it. All I wanted in return was a ride home (since he had a car).

Today, Samuel hung out with us. (It’s a free day for us.) We took a bus to Cabo Branco. It’s the eastern most point of the Americas and the closest to Africa. Anyways, thanks to erosion, it looks a lot worse than it did last year. Then we went to eat at some restaurant. I think Jenny and Jennifer had eaten at this one last year with Andrea and Natalia, because there is a picture of them there. Afterwards we went to the Tambau Beach. Afterwards, we meet up with Julian and he took us to a Fort and then to Jacare for the sunset. We were late for the sunset, but oh well.

Now enjoy some Forró.