Made it Safely to Brazil

We have arrived safely in João Pessoa, Brazil. The last day 36 hours have made for quite a long day. It started out with Mike picking me up at my house and then heading to the airport. It took a really long time for us to check in. First the lady wanted to tell me that my VISA had expired two days ago (it hasn’t yet, its a five year VISA). Then what really took so long was the baggage. Apparently the printers that print the claim straps, can only print up to 4 stops. When your trip has more than 4 stops, they have to do it by hand. Both Chad and I had gotten boarding passes all the way through the trip… Amy on the other hand, had only gotten Chicago and Miami. Once in Miami, she would have to get the rest…

The layover in Chicago goes over well and we board the plane to Miami… Apparently LST has a fetish for booking everybody in the middle seat or the very back row. Luckily our crew did a good job of getting a route that would avoid most of the weather and land safely in Miami. Once we got to Miami, Amy had found out that the rest of her tickets had been canceled by the lady in Knoxville. Oh well, let’s see how this turns out.

We all get on the plane to go to Brazil and we are all seated on the last row. Chad and I in the middle row and Amy on the right hand side. Now on the A330, the last row on the left and right side has an incredible amount of space. As it got near to take off, Chad and I moved to the left hand side and got plenty of leg room for our longest leg of the flight. This was a very good thing.

Customs was no problem in São Paulo. Our plane leaving São Paulo was almost an hour late in taking off. When your layover in Recife is only 50 minutes, this isn’t a good thing. The plane was the exact same plane we rode in on. (Different flight number, same plane though). Chad and I had the exact same seat assignments. We tried again to get the crazy leg room seats, but those were taken. Oh well. Our plane was to start boarding in Recife at 12:50. We landed at 1:00 in Recife, but of course being at the back of the plane means its not until 1:10 that we actually get off the plane. Well the way they had it setup, we had to go through security again to get to our gate… This only further delays things… When we get to our gate, we don’t see a plane. Lucky for us, that plane was also running late so no big deal there.

When we arrived in João Pessoa, we were greeted by Tafanie, Jesse, Joey McKinney, Ricardo and Sueneide, and Marcos Paulo. We wait to see if Jesse was successful in changing his tickets and head to the Escola da Biblia. No time for a nap though, we had to go to a party. Luckily it wasn’t one of our LST parties. It was the 2 Year Old birthday for Dillon Newlin (Jeremy and Monica’s youngest child). It was fun, but we are all really tired. Its almost 9:00 and I am the last one up. As soon as I finish this post, I will be heading straight to bed though.

There is also a team for Goodlettsville, TN down here. One of them performed some magic tricks for the kids. Here is a picture of some of the kids watching the magic.
Magic Tricks