6 More Days to Go!

Jenny reads with Nielson.
Jenny is pictured here reading with Nielson.

Let me share with you an email Joeseph McKinney recently sent out. Ricardo is the fellow featured in yesterday’s post…

June 30, 2005

Sunday Ricardo Sobral had a different kind of experience. The police came asking for him during Bible class. Someone had busted out the window of his car and had stolen his radio and a bag of clothes. This situation is not unusual except that the police had already caught the culprit and recuperated the stolen goods.

They asked him to telephone in to report the crime and to accompany them to the station to be able to repossess his belongings. Now here is the sad part: the thief, a thirteen year old boy named Ishmael, was in the backseat of the police car, crying, begging, pleading not be sent to jail. At the station Ricardo discovered that his mother is sick, separated from his father who is a drunk, and neither would come to claim the kid. This was not his first run-in with the police. Finally an aunt and an older brother showed up.

Ricardo requested that the boy be accompanied by a social worker instead of being sent to the correctional facility, which would do nothing to correct him. The whole procedure lasted around three hours at the station. During this time Ricardo talked a lot with Ishmael’s older brother, who expressed a desire for direction in his life. He had been to church but had strayed in the past year. He felt spiritually empty. Ricardo, of course, encouraged him to come join the church’s activities. At the end Ishmael came up to Ricardo and said he was sorry for breaking into the car. Jesus has planted a seed in these boys’ lives. Let’s pray it grows and gives fruit.