Honey Creek Trail

Today’s trip got off to a much later start than normal. It was planned that way though. Just before our hiking adventure, Michele was going to be passing through town, so Jon, Mer, and I had lunch with her. It was good to see her. Had to leave kind of early because we were going to meet up at the church building at 12:45 to go hiking in the Big South Fork area. Surprisingly, we actually left close to on time. Nobody was really late.

The event was advertised to all the youth group going into 9th grade and up. The people who went were, Bryan and Me (youth workers), Elizabeth B. and Matt T. (just finished their freshman year in college), and Benton S. and Paul H. (fixing to be seniors in high school). All in all it was a really fun trip. There are lots of rock walls which would be fun for climbing and repelling. Too bad I didn’t bring any of my gear. 🙁

Fun walls for climbing

Alright, I’m really tired now and I still need to make some changes to the MediaShout for worship tomorrow, so I’m just gonna cut straight to one story. Everybody is alright, so this makes for a really funny story. Around dinner time, we setup camp and started a fire. We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. For dessert, we cooked Smores. I’m not going to take for granted that everybody knows what a Smore is… Its two graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallow between them. Well we were roasting the marshmallows over the fire. Paul had gotten one really burned and for fun, he threw it against the rock wall that was nearby to our campsite. When it hit the wall, it stuck to it. So well, he decides to do it again. He puts the marshmallows on his stick and puts them over the fire. It catches on fire like its supposed to do. As he’s bringing it over, it falls off onto his leg. (I can imagine how hot it was). Well human instinct reacts to begin stimulated like that… however, his response was to fall down INTO the fire. Luckily Benton was close by and prevented him from rolling into the fire. Thank goodness he didn’t get injured. Some of you may look at my pictures for this trip at http://gallery2.justinacuff.net/v/hiking_biking_outdoors/Honey_Creek_2005-07-30/ and see a picture of Paul’s leg. Even though it looks like of like bird crap, its really the marshmallow that burned him. Once we saw that he was ok, well all broke out in laughter. It was scary at first, but has got to be one of the funniest things I have seen since returning to the United States.

A New Day is Coming and I Need A Ride

National Campus Ministers Seminar
This year Mike, Jessica, and I are going to the National Campus Ministries Seminar at the University of Oklahoma. Mike and Jessica will fly out on Wednesday afternoon because Mike has a Campus Crosswalk meeting. I am not flying out until Thursday afternoon…

So if anybody could give me a ride to the airport around 1:00, that would be great. We are all flying back on the same plane on Sunday, so I can just get a ride with them on the way back. Thanks in advance.

As I expected…

… my luggage didn’t make it on the plane to Knoxville. I kinda figured it was going to happen. Switching airlines from American to Delta with only 1 hour… So hopefully it comes today. Oddly enough… I had two orders of pictures from Walmart.com. I did one order of 149 on Saturday morning and one order of 44 on Saturday evening. The only order that had come in was the one I ordered later. Oh well, hopefully they will have the others tomorrow and I can start putting them in a photo album.

Yeah! No Injuries

Blowing stuff up!
Even after a night of blowing stuff up, we managed to make it out of Brazil without any injuries. I guess the UTKNOX has to thank the team from Lubbock, Texas team for taking both of the two required injuries for the year. Kristy took the required Buggy injury (Chad) and Tim took the required night before injury (Me).

Ok, so Amy and I have arrived in Dallas, TX for the end meeting (with all our bags so far). Now that I’m back in the US, I can’t wait to get back home. It was nice to take a hot shower again. We have a crazy flight schedule though… We fly from Dallas to Orlando and then switch airlines in Orlando (from American to Delta). …I’m not a big fan of Delta… This has me really worried about getting our luggage lost. We only have an hour layover in Orlando, so that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for a delay in Dallas.

Final Party and Bye Bye

It saddens me to write this post… but tomorrow I will be getting my flight to arrive back in the United States. We fly out of João Pessoa to Recife to São Paulo to Miami to Dallas. In Dallas we spend the night because we have the end meeting with LST. After that is over with, we fly from Dallas to Orlando to Knoxville. This year has been really great and I really do want to return later. If not doing LST, then doing something else.

Today was a last party. This is something I am glad of. I know the purpose they parties serve and they are great for that purpose, but they can be so draining on hosting. Today we were a man short. Chad left this afternoon since he has to be back at work on Monday. The fourth person is really a help in keeping the flow of the party going. Our theme was Arr!!! Pirates! Some of the first couple of games seemed to drag to me, but I think people had fun. Our biggest hit was the treasure hunt. We had 4 pieces of a map with clues on the back to find the next piece of the map. Tafanie, thanks for helping out tonight… We really needed you. It would have been impossible to watch the food and make sure the games were running smoothly with only three people.

To all my new Brazilian readers, I love y’all very much and I am glad I got to spend this short time with y’all. Last year, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to return, but God provided a way. I pray that he opens an opportunity for me to come back next year as well. To those of you that I met last year, I feel like this year I haven’t gotten to know y’all even better and am really thankful for the times we shared. Thanks to many different things, its a lot easier to stay in touch. To the people that I just meet this year, these past two weeks (or less if you didn’t show up for a while… 😉 ) have been great. God Bless you all.

Goodnight everyone… I must put off packing until the morning. Bye Bye Everyone.