Monthly Archives: July 2005

Today’s trip got off to a much later start than normal. It was planned that way though. Just before our hiking adventure, Michele was going to be passing through town, so Jon, Mer, and I had lunch with her. It was good to see her. Had to leave kind of […]

Honey Creek Trail

This year Mike, Jessica, and I are going to the National Campus Ministries Seminar at the University of Oklahoma. Mike and Jessica will fly out on Wednesday afternoon because Mike has a Campus Crosswalk meeting. I am not flying out until Thursday afternoon… So if anybody could give me a […]

A New Day is Coming and I Need A Ride

… my luggage didn’t make it on the plane to Knoxville. I kinda figured it was going to happen. Switching airlines from American to Delta with only 1 hour… So hopefully it comes today. Oddly enough… I had two orders of pictures from I did one order of 149 […]

As I expected…

Even after a night of blowing stuff up, we managed to make it out of Brazil without any injuries. I guess the UTKNOX has to thank the team from Lubbock, Texas team for taking both of the two required injuries for the year. Kristy took the required Buggy injury (Chad) […]

Yeah! No Injuries

It saddens me to write this post… but tomorrow I will be getting my flight to arrive back in the United States. We fly out of João Pessoa to Recife to São Paulo to Miami to Dallas. In Dallas we spend the night because we have the end meeting with […]

Final Party and Bye Bye