Cuff Daddy to the EXTREME!

Alright, lets start at the beginning because that seems to be a very good place to start. Adam arrived at our house and we loaded up our bikes into the back of Jon’s truck. Pretty non-eventful ride on the way up to Cade’s Cove. The eventful thing that would happen would happen as we are unloading our bikes from Jon’s truck. In his hands, he had his sunglasses… In the truck, were the keys to his truck… Yes, we got locked out of the vehicle. Luckily, there were some Park Guides nearby and one of them had a hanger. After a few attempts Jon was able to get his truck unlocked and we could continue (start) on our bike trip.

I guess it really helps to not eat burgers before you get on the loop. For those of y’all other there, may remember my last attempt involved stopping at the Tipton house (the name of one of the houses in Cove) and having to purge myself of the food. This time around, though there was one place I felt like it, I didn’t actually barf! Yeah!

I really like this new bike. It handled the hills a lot better than my other bike, i.e. I can actually get it into low gear without having to fiddle around with the shifters. This bike is a hardtail, so I do miss the rear suspension a little, but oh well.

Ok, so now your probably wondering why I have EXTREME! in the title and its all caps and has an exclamation point. Well here’s why… After we got done biking, we went into the campgrounds to see if we could find some of the Laurel members that went camping out. Luckily we found them pretty easily. It was nice, they all had extra food which we were able to help them dispose of them. So that was fun. Up were the Garton’s (Phil and Leah, Phil is like a year younger than me), the Owen’s, the Bell’s, the Farrar’s, the Ross’s, the Clark’s, and the Lewis’s. Lately, a lot of the younger kids have gotten to know me through helping out with VBS and the new Kid’s Heart to Heart group. Well this time around, they all wanted me to get on my bike and ride with them. They took me to some places they called EXTREME biking. EXTREME biking always involved going off road and usually down a hill. Ok, its approaching 10:00 and I’m really tired.

I mentioned I wanted to do the Lakeshore trail tomorrow, but now looking at what all I need to do, I don’t reckon I’ll be doing it. I should probably use tomorrow afternoon to prepare the Wednesday night Youth Group class. I’m not a big fan of doing all the talking, but I also hate being in a class where its discussion and no one really wants to discuss (except the few that always do). So I’m trying to come up with something that’s not going to be those two but still good enough that the kids will get something out of it. I think I’ve got something from my old ChallengePoint days, but it will definitely need some work to make it work. Then, I’ve got to start attending the Elders, Deacons, and Ministry Leaders meetings.