Knoxville Needs Longer Trails

Got a new bike this week. Its a Trek 3900. I looked at a few Diamondbacks, a couple of Gary Fischer’s, and a Cannondale.

So today after work, I told Jon I was gonna go riding and wandered if he wanted to go along. We started at the Third Creek parking lot on Neyland and went up to the end of it at BiLo and turned around. When we got back, we went up Neyland to the nearly completed James White trail and then back. There’s nothing to see past Riverside Tavern. All in all it was just over 15 miles. That the longest trail you can do in Knoxville. I wish there was an even longer trail.

Tomorrow we are going up to Cades Cove to bike the loop. Due to the number of vehicles we will encounter, I’m hoping to test this bike’s off road handling abilities.