Worship Pages? Auditorium Completion?

You may have noticed, some time ago I added a link under the pages section called worship pages. I really haven’t started that page but will be doing it soon. Why you might ask?

For sometime, Chad, Joey, and I have been doing the PowerPoint / MediaShout during the worship at Laurel. It has been done kind of ad hoc. The elders would like to see a more formal team in place to do this. They have asked me to be the leader of the Technology and Media team. I was reluctant at first (actually I still am), but have agreed to take on this responsibility. Since both Chad and I will be leaving for Brazil in a couple of weeks, I thought it was best to get this team started after that. A more formal announcement will probably be made at Laurel in the next few weeks. We will be looking for people that are interested in volunteering for this ministry.

I hope to get us all using MediaShout by year’s end. I’m really waiting to get my hands on our Version 3 preorder. I’ve been using 2.5.5 for a while. I’m really interested to see if it handles PowerPoint slides better than 2.5.5 did. This could be a real maker or breaker. I’ve been creating my own slides in PhotoShop and Illustrator. While I am comfortable using these programs, I know its going to be harder for others to use. With MediaShout, doing scriptures and Song Lyrics couldn’t be much easier… Well maybe if the publisher of Songs of Faith and Praise would put out a file that could be imported into the MediaShout Library… This book tends to change some of the lyrics. Even after going over the lyrics before church with the song leader, you can still miss lyrics.

Another function of this ministry leader will be to get involved on the auditorium committee. With the new auditorium expansion, they wanted someone who has experience with audio/visual stuff too. I want a system in place that will not only serve our current needs, but that will serve our needs in the future. While currently, we aren’t using any kind of praise team; there is a very good possibility that one will be used in future. The audio system needs to handle that kind of duty.

Now I guess your really waiting for the part about auditorium completion. I’m meeting with Danny B. later this week and hopefully I’ll have a better idea of when this is going to happen.