Summary of Nashville Trip

Wow… where has the time gone! Normally I would have blogged, but to be honest, lately it seems I really haven’t had time to. Truthfully, I don’t have much time now, so I’m going to try and finish this whole article in less than 5 minutes. I think I know all I want to say…

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago the Laurel Youth Group went to Nashville, TN to work with the Grandview Church of Christ. It is a Hispanic church that was started a few years ago and has really seen some growth lately. Originally the youth group was supposed to go to the City of Children in Ensanada, Mexico, but due to lower numbers and few chaperons and the lack of enough full time Spanish speakers, that trip had to be canned. So Sunday, the 29th, the group left from the church… I actually wasn’t part of this group because I was moving into my new place. (Actually didn’t get to move in until the 1st, lots of craziness in that story as well.)

So Monday morning, I left early to drive to Nashville. Luckily the place was pretty easy to find. Um did I mention I had no clue where I was actually going when I left… Yeah that was fun. All I knew was that it was on Nolensville Pike and it was just barely a mile off of I-440. So I show up right after the morning devo. I was handed the work assignment sheet and given the job as assistant foreman.

Basically all the work that they wanted done was painting the hallways and the classrooms, cleaning the floors, organizing the clothing room, and putting down new baseboard. However, the baseboard wasn’t available, so that task was removed from our list. Monday and Tuesday included a lot of painting, while Wednesday was a lot of cleaning up. I had to leave on Thursday morning, but from what I gathered, a small group of the teens (like 3 or 4 guys) went with Mark while everyone else stayed at the hotel.
Some of the teens painting.
Each night there was a VBS for the younger kids and the teens. Each night seemed to increase in attendance, so that’s always a good thing. They used Veggie Tale’s Jonah as the theme. Each night seemed to go like this… Watch Jonah for like 20 or 25 minutes and then we split up. The younger kids did some kind of craft thing, while the teens went into a devo/Bible talk.

I ended up being in the room with Michael J, Benton S, Thomas K, and Robert S. They all behaved, so nothing to report here. I’ve got stories of Poker, Robbie, and Johnsie, but that will probably never come. Well approaching 5 minutes… need to wrap this up.

So for fun stuff, we went to a Nashville Sounds game one night and on another night we went to laser tag. I think I really earned the respect from the laser tag… We played two games. The first game I came in third (out of 17). The second game, the top four made a pact to stick together as a team and not kill each other. The top for were Benton S, Thomas K, myself, and Christen H. At the very beginning Thomas and Myself had cornered Jacob S and we were just taking shots at him. I must have killed him over 20 times… So its really baffling how he ended up getting first that game. For those of you wondering, I came in second.

Ok, so it actually took 8 minutes to write this post. I know I’ve left out stories of spoons, blood, and people not actually doing wrong. Maybe those will get added later in a comment when I have more time.