Monthly Archives: June 2005

This image is from Google Earth. Its a really cool application. And for those of you that don’t know… this is the city of João Pessoa, Brazil. Its the second greenest city in all the world.

9 More Days!

Alright, lets start at the beginning because that seems to be a very good place to start. Adam arrived at our house and we loaded up our bikes into the back of Jon’s truck. Pretty non-eventful ride on the way up to Cade’s Cove. The eventful thing that would happen […]

Cuff Daddy to the EXTREME!

Got a new bike this week. Its a Trek 3900. I looked at a few Diamondbacks, a couple of Gary Fischer’s, and a Cannondale. So today after work, I told Jon I was gonna go riding and wandered if he wanted to go along. We started at the Third Creek […]

Knoxville Needs Longer Trails

You may have noticed, some time ago I added a link under the pages section called worship pages. I really haven’t started that page but will be doing it soon. Why you might ask? For sometime, Chad, Joey, and I have been doing the PowerPoint / MediaShout during the worship […]

Worship Pages? Auditorium Completion?

Last night several of us from the CSC went to Elkmont to see the Synchronous Fireflies. The group was Adam B, Adam F, Joey and his agape kid Justin, Dan, Sarah M, Chris (a new older guy that you may not know), Wilson and of course me. I wanted to […]

The Synchronous Fireflies of Elkmont