I’m Homeless

So, right now, I don’t have a home. Jon and I aren’t able to actually move into our new place until Wednesday, the 1st. I found this out this morning. I called up our new landlord to make sure the time was still good. That’s when he said they will be staying the next couple of nights at the house and we can’t move in until the first. Knowing our situation, he let us unload our stuff in the living room, dining room, and the basement. I am also leaving in a few hours for Nashville, where I will be meeting up with our High School youth group and helping chaperon their mission trip. I really wish I had just said no to helping them. We won’t get back until Thursday the 2nd. I have at least arranged to leave Thursday morning, so I can start sorting through my stuff and what goes where.

Since Dr. McCown hasn’t really started moving in yet, I am going to spend the night here at the Mellowood house in the room that I originally moved into. Some know it as Dan’s room, some as Jon’s old room, some as my old room, or others just know it as the small room. I still have a couple of car loads of stuff here that I won’t be able to bring over until Thursday. To really make this complicated, Greg is going to be out of town for 9 days starting on Tuesday. Jon normally would be working in Johnson City, but rumor has it, he may take the week off.

Stay tuned in the future for…..
Yard Sale