Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Things must have been pretty bad… Laurel usually has two softball teams that play in two different leagues. One league has been going on for a few weeks now and the team that plays in this one is way more serious than the second league. The first league is made up of all different churches while the second league is just a Church of Christ league. Normally I just play on the second team. Even though we let anyone play on the second team, we still always manage to come in first or second. All this is just saying that there is a difference in the level of play between the two teams.

So yesterday I got a call from Bubbles. They were in need of a few players. If you don’t have 10 players, you have to take an automatic out. Apparently on Saturday, they had a double header, but they only had 9 players. Because of this, they had to take an automatic out every inning. They probably lost both games because of this. They guess its better to have the 10 players, even if a few aren’t quite up to par with the rest of the team.

Knowing the competitive nature of this league and the fact that I haven’t played any since last summer (we didn’t have an intramural team this year for whatever reason), I wanted to just tell him no I couldn’t do it. I really could have used the time to pack some more things. Instead, I told him I’d come if they needed me. I knew that I wouldn’t have gotten the call if they didn’t need me though. So I went expecting to totally suck.

I definitely need more practice, but I wasn’t quite as bad as I imagined myself to be. I went 2-3 with 2 singles, a walk, and a fly out. Somehow, on the fly out, I managed to break the aluminum bat (I suspect it was already broken and that it should have been a single in the gap instead of a fly out, but oh well). Normally I would play Right-Center, Left-Center, or Right Fielder, but on this team I would have to be catcher. Anyways, we played against one of the best team in the leagues yesterday and we won. This may be my last game for this year. We aren’t going to have enough people this summer for the second league we normally compete in.