Weekend Wrapup

Ok, so thanks to some pretty severe thunderstorms, none of the camping outings took place. We had planned a camping trip in Elkmont and the CSC had a leadership camping trip planned in Norris. With my Friday night now free, I called Todd to see what his alternate plans were. We (some of the core of the CSC) meet over at Todd’s place for burgers, hot dogs, brownies and a discussion of this year and plans for next. Having been around the CSC for over 8 years, I’ve seen and heard a lot of the same suggestions. After a while, I had stopped going to these. It almost always boils down to this… We have lots of good things we would like to do, but not enough time to do it in and not enough people dedicated to make sure it gets done. I didn’t get home until roughly 3:00 AM. Most of y’all already know that is WAY past my bedtime.

I was expecting a call from Michele on Saturday morning around 7:00. Since we didn’t go camping the night before, we had still talked about going on the hike we had planned for that day. I was relieved when she called and said she wasn’t coming down until later. This gave me time to sleep in a little bit more and get some of the stuff done that I needed to get done. So we meet up with Bryan, Meredith, and Robert to bike the 11 mile Cades Cove loop. Michele and I had managed to get ahead of Bryan and Meredith. Most of the time, Robert was with Michele and I. It made me realize I need to get my bike at home fixed. The hamburger(s) we grilled out before hand didn’t settle very well with me, but that’s a different story. The last half of the ride was wet thanks to the rain storms that decided to roll in.

Today after church a few of us went on a Wildflower hike at Porter’s Creek. Doug and Glo Woodall, Melinda Connell, Dan Watkins, Sarah Meyer, Audrey Haywood and I (the van driver) went on this hike. Nancy Prosser had organized it and got permission for us to use the church van, but backed out because she thought the weather would be bad. It was a little cold, but it was a good day for it. Audrey and I pretty much trail blazed our way to Fern Branch Falls. Dan and Sarah were shortly behind us. The rest of the group were the wildflower lookers. One day I’ll probably go to look just at the wildflowers, but I like hiking because its good exercise and the conversations on the trail.

Audrey crossing a log at Fern Branch Falls