Gyms in the Church of Christ

I really didn’t plan on posting twice within a few hours of each other, but I will. Ok, so I just received this email that was addressed to the webmaster of I’m going to let Mike Buckley answer this guys email, because I know my response would be too much for this guy to handle. Here’s the email that I got:

I was reading your website and enjoying it until I seen you wrote you meet in the “gym” sometimes. What do you mean by gym? Churches of Christ don’t have gyms in them because that is clearly unscriptural and not acceptable in the Lords Church because the it serves no purpose to teach or edify or glorify God, I’ve heard that all my life by all Churches of Christ all over the states and have never seen any with one so I wanted to understand what you meant before I visit. Thank you

Ok, now here’s my thoughts. (I’ll admit, I haven’t studied this at all.) As you can see this guy really gets hung up on the word gym. I don’t know if he envisions us playing a nice round of 21 while we’re waiting for the communion tray to reach us or what! Is he correct in saying that a gym is clearly unscriptural? I guess so, if unscriptural means that its not mentioned in scripture. (If it is, please point me too it). Other unscriptural items could include: microphones, air conditioners, and I think, even baptistries. (Cause aren’t most baptisms recorded as being in a river?) He also goes onto to say that its not acceptable because it serves no purpose to teach or edify or glorify God. WHAT!?!?!! Many good things can happen in a gym that can glorify God. Many of you know that Mike Buckley became a Christian because of the influence of the guys on his Intramural Basketball team when he was in college. Can’t the same lesson that was given in the auditorium be given in the gym and still have the same affect God had intended for it to have? Does the building itself even really matter? The church are those that belong to God. This guy may be surprised just who all that includes.

This guy also says that he hasn’t heard or seen any Church of Christ with a gym in it. To this, I would say, just how many Churches of Christ has he been to? Even Washington Street (in Fayetteville, a really conservative church) had a gym built when they were doing work on the building. I can think of many number of Churches of Christ that have a gym. Even some of the smaller churches I’ve seen (less than 100 members) may still have a basketball goal outside the church. Not every church needs to have a gym. Laurel is a large congregation and a gym is of a great benefit to the church and the community.

To this guy, I would like to say he needs to understand a lot more if attending a church that has a gym bothers him. There are other churches in the Knoxville area that are probably better suited for him. Sometimes I really wish we could just drop the “of Christ” off our name and just be The Laurel Church. (Cause really, doesn’t most of the Churches belong to Christ anyways?) I am not proud to say that I am a member of a Church of Christ. I am proud (maybe proud isn’t the best word, but you know what I mean) to belong to God.

I wonder what he was taught on kitchens?

God Loves You!