Spruce Up Day at Laurel: Part Two

Warning: This post may contain a statement or two that will rub you the wrong way. Please be ready for it…

Ok, so yesterday was part two of the Spruce Up Day at Laurel. There were jobs that we just couldn’t finish (or even start for that matter) last week. This week was targeted to be the CSC / Young Professionals day. Todd had sent out a couple of emails on CSCLIFE to remind people about it. Well I showed up at 8:15 and Todd was there. A little bit later Joey showed up. I had things to do in the afternoon so I could only stay until 11:15 or so. In the noontime, they were expected some of the Young Professionals to show up cause they had some stuff to do in the morning.

After I stopped working to take pictures for the Laurel Backyard Habitat Site (this links to Laurel’s Gallery not eNature), I got a chance to talk to some of the “older people”. They shared with me some of the sentiments that maybe we as “college students” may not be aware of. I will summarize and hopefully not add to what they said while also not taking away from what they said.

A lot of the older people have put MANY years of work and money into the house at the CSC and the ministry at the CSC. In the past, as with yesterday, none (or only a couple) of the “college kids” showed up. (Joey and I don’t count) The older folks would like to see the students involved in MORE things at Laurel. We have our own class on Sunday morning, we sit in our own section during service, we have our own heart-to-heart group that is independant of what the congregation studies, and we aren’t even there on Wednesday night anymore. I explained to them that many of our students are involved in Agape. They see that, but that that is just one ministry. So here’s the challenge that has been issued to us. Look for other ways you can more involved with Laurel and folks of all different ages. Maintaining our portion of the Third Creek Bike Trail is one way. I wasn’t there at the end of the day yesterday, but I’m almost certain there is more work that needs to be done.