I am retiring from Webmaster

That’s right as of today (April the 1st), I am no longer going to be doing the CSC website at http://web.utk.edu/~csc. I have been doing it for far too long. Its time for somebody else to step up and do it. People just complain and are unappreciative of the work you do. Give me a break! I’ve got lots of other things to do here. So it took me 4 days to get up pictures from the Spring Break trip. There were just way too many pictures taken of all the same stuff. Also people, please set the time and date on your digital camera! It will make having to sort through some 2000 pictures a lot easier! For these reasons, I am throwing in the towel, tapping out, and quitting.

Now you may ask, who is going to do it? I don’t care! That’s why we have elected officers. Here’s another thing that gets me. People might have actually stopped reading by this point and they won’t realize that today is April 1st. While I’ll admit, I haven’t gone through as much planning for this years practical jokes, I might still have a few up my sleeve. I was a little premature in putting up a picture of Mer. I’m just waiting to see what all others can dish out today. Be careful, don’t ever dish out more than you can take.