Monthly Archives: April 2005

Ok, I heard this from some people last year and from some different people this year… So I want to know what you think. Should I stop putting up pictures on the CSC Website? I’ve heard from a number of people that the end of year slide show has lost […]

What Do You Think?

I really didn’t plan on posting twice within a few hours of each other, but I will. Ok, so I just received this email that was addressed to the webmaster of I’m going to let Mike Buckley answer this guys email, because I know my response would be too […]

Gyms in the Church of Christ

Ok, so thanks to some pretty severe thunderstorms, none of the camping outings took place. We had planned a camping trip in Elkmont and the CSC had a leadership camping trip planned in Norris. With my Friday night now free, I called Todd to see what his alternate plans were. […]

Weekend Wrapup