Too Many Pictures

OK, now that I’ve finally had some time to rest, I might as well post on the spring break trip. It was a really fun trip for me. Even the work we did was fun stuff. I learned something new about almost everyone I went with and even a little bit about myself. I’d like to give a time frame as to when pictures will appear on my website and the CSC, but there are well over 2000 pictures to sort through, so it might take a while.

We started out by leaving on an overbooked flight to Memphis. The plane was sold as a 50 passenger plane, but actually there were just 44 seats. This left Alicia and Zach without seats. Luckily, they found 6 people to take them up on the offer so that Alicia and Zach could travel with the rest of us. Our flight to Phoenix was also overbooked, but at least we all had seats. We arrived and headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Sunday morning, most of the guys got up to watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. It was definitely a cool site. I’m sorry most all the girls were asleep for it. Later that day, we divided up into two main groups. Hikers and Rim walkers. Although I really wanted to hike, looking at the time alloted, I decided to walk around the Rim. We defintely saw lots of things that the hiking group could not see. After the 3.5 hours were up, we all meet up to drive to other parts of the canyon. I bought a Hiking Guide for the Grand Canyon because I SO want to go back. Finally we headed on our way to the reservation.

The NCF is a really cool place. I like how its totally built by volunteers. We had several different jobs going on. A few of the guys installed a drop ceiling; Becca sewed curtains; A lot of painting was done; Some people worked with the childrens home; Baseboard and trim was cut and installed; A lot of cleaning and organizing was done; Cabinets and shelves were sanded and varnished; and a pit for the garabage was dug. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the NCF has open gym nights. It was really cool to play all different kinds of games with people from all different ranges and even play guitarr with the dude that brought his guitar. The VBS also went over really well. In an effort to keep this post down, I’m assuming others will blog on this stuff, or I’ll have a seperate post later on.

On Thursday, after all our work was done, we headed over to Canyon de Chelly for a nice hike down the White House Ruins trail. It was definitely a fun hike. The trail was 2.5 miles round trip and switchbacked its way for the 600 ft drop in elevation. It was a very easy hike that also had lots of little places where you could do some “rock climbing”. After all was said and done, we went back to the reservation to spend our last night in the Hoghan.