Two Truths and a Lie: Game 1

The past summer, we would play a game called two truths and a lie. The object is to give three statements… two of them are true… and one is not. (Just don’t ask Joey to demonstrate). Since I think people enjoy the 100 Things About Me. I’m going to be a conforming nonconformist on this one. I plan to have 5 games. Each game will contain 20 truths and 10 lies. The object is to guess the lie in each set of three.

1a) I was born in Huntsville, AL.
1b) I have lived in 4 cities.
1c) I have lived in 4 states.

2a) I play the piano.
2b) I play the trombone.
2c) I play the guitar.

3a) I have two younger sisters.
3b) I grew up in a foster home.
3c) My youngest sister is 10 years younger than me.

4a) I’ve played in an AYSO league.
4b) I’ve played in an USYS league.
4c) I’ve played TSSAA soccer.

5a) My first vehicle was a 1986 Ford Bronco II.
5b) My best friend always seems to have the first name Matthew.
5c) I’ve hiked over 400 miles of trails in the Smokey Mountains.

6a) My favorite food is pizza.
6b) My favorite drink is Cherry Coke.
6c) My favorite snack is popcorn.

7a) I failed my driving test the first time.
7b) I’ve never had a minimum wage job.
7c) I’ve got two bachelor degrees.

8a) I’ve only gotten one speeding ticket.
8b) I’ve been in 5 wrecks.
8c) I’ve gone to both Private Schools and Public Schools.

9a) The farthest west I’ve been is Seattle, WA.
9b) The farthest east I’ve been is Dijon, France
9c) The farthest south I’ve been is Sao Paulo, Brasil.

10a) I won the Middle Tennessee Precalculus Competition held at UT Martin.
10b) I won the Middle Tennessee Calculus Competition held at UT Martin.
10c) I graduated in the top 5% of my class in high school.