Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right

This weekend was awesome and yet this weekend just sucked and I’m gonna leave it at that.

Friday night Michele and I ended up going to Cozymel’s to grab a bite to eat. When we showed up, Tina Wesson of Survivor fame was also waiting to be seated. I’ve seen her at events that she was brought in for, but never out in the general public. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but Survivor is one of my favorite shows. Afterwards we went to Blockbuster and rented Napoleon Dynamite. I’ve seriously rented this movie like infinity times, so I guess I really should just buy this movie the next time I’m at Wal-Mart or someplace. Its an awesome movie. I thought it was stupid the first time I saw it, but it keeps getting funnier every time I watch it.

Today Michele and I went up to House Mountain. It was a fun little hike, and best of all, its only like 15 minutes away. I love the Smoky Mountains, but sometimes they are just too far away and you lose some of the time just driving. Today turned out to be a great day to be outdoors. The temperature was great and it didn’t rain. We probably could have gone backpacking, oh well.

Here’s a panorama I took from the summit of the mountain.
House Mountain Panorama