Just Smile and Nod Your Head

For the service project last night and yesterday, a few of us were in charge of visiting some of the elderly and shut-ins of Laurel. It started at lunch, when a group (Mer, Audrey, and Todd) went to visit one of the former deaf ministers at Laurel. Last night Jesse D, Adam B, and myself were in charge of the places that would be visited. One person was out in Farragut and the other was just off of Papermill. Since the Farragut group had longer to drive, it only makes sense that two of the three leaders go there. Jesse and Adam went there along with Charlie S. This left just me and Lora to go visit Mrs. Green, who was in a nursing home just off of Papermill.

This lady had been a long time member at Laurel. We showed up and I don’t think she was expecting us. We delivered the fruit basket and the lasagna that was made for her. We talked very little the time we were there, all 35 minutes of it. She would tell us the sad stories of her children. Her oldest son was an FBI agent who was murdered on their back porch and her middle child had run away from home. She went on to tell us stories of her youngest daugther and her grandchildren and her greatgrandchildren. These were a lot happier.

She then went on to talk about her roommate at the nursing home. She’s a heart patient as well. The lady we went to visit has a special string that she can pull (its attached to a buzzer or something) whenever her roommate there at the nursing home feels the oneset of a heart attack or something. Mrs. Green kept talking about how she can’t do much in the state she’s in know, but she can pray and she can still sing.

There was one thing that Mrs. Green kept talking about that had us a little baffled… She kept saying a group from the CSC was going to come visit at 6:00 on Friday. Both Lora and I were convinced that she was just a little confused… In fact, she may not remember that she had visitors last night.