The Mystery of the Bible Mega-Site Revealed

Many of you may remember, a while back the CCG was being redirected to a Bible Mega-Site when she would go to Mer’s blog. Finally, the mystery of why this was happening has been solved.

Its been a while since since the Cuff Daddy went on a detective spree. The last time was probably The Case of the Missing Halloween Partyers. This account is guaranteed to not be near as funny as the last.

Thanks to a call, I got to stay in Knoxville today. Anwyays… last night I discovered the super secret blog site of our own Todd Tarbett. Well given that I don’t have a link to his site, I had to type in http://* to get to it. However, I had made a mistake. Instead of, I had put

The mystery of the Bible Mega-Site has now been solved. The conclusion, I can’t type.