Monthly Archives: March 2005

Well Paul has decided he wants to sell the house that I currently live at. I don’t really want to buy it from him because I know how much work that house needs. I also don’t want to go back to living in an apartment either. I’d also really like […]

Gotta Move

OK, now that I’ve finally had some time to rest, I might as well post on the spring break trip. It was a really fun trip for me. Even the work we did was fun stuff. I learned something new about almost everyone I went with and even a little […]

Too Many Pictures

I really should pay attention to those Capital One commercials featuring David Spade. Is anybody interested in being one of the persons that operate the projector or runs the sound booth at Laurel?

Hey Yo, Whatdoya No!

Last night, a group of about 15 students met over at the house of Dave and Ellen Keim to discuss what we are going to present during class time this Sunday. Whats interesting about this group, was even though you could call us the “college kids” (ages ranging from 18 […]

Discussion at the Keim’s