Sunday mornings… what do ya think?

Ok, so this came up last night at our meeting and I’m kinda curious as to what you guys think about it. Lately, its not been hard to notice that the numbers at Laurel have been down. When Dr. Siburt came to town a couple of weeks ago, both first and second service meet at the same time. Several people have said they noticed that the worship service seemed more spirited than normal. Ok so here’s what I want to know.

What would you feel about having only one service? Service would start at 9:00 and class at 10:15. Until the numbers go up and the auditorium just can’t hold any more people, I think it is a great idea. It also makes it easier on the worship leaders. Instead of doing two services, there would only be one. Also, we’d be done with church a little ealier, so we’d be guaranteed to beat the Baptists.