Yet Another Wednesday Summary

After work I headed over to Laurel as some hopes of getting dinner. Since we all meet in the auditorium for class on Sunday morning, the usual signup sheet did not go around. By now, Mark and Rachel Scarlett count me whether I signed up or not, so its all good. So afterwards I headed over to the CSC to meet up with the group that would be going to the Knoxville Center of the Deaf. Just about 5 minutes before we were to leave I get a call from Mr. Mike Buckley. There was a Communications Committee meeting tonight. He first asks me if I would be willing to be on it, and then he asks if I can make it over to the meeting. Since I was at the CSC and it was 6:10, getting over to Laurel seemed to be a futile effort, so I told him next meeting.

Anyways, over at the KCD, Jesse D., Adam B., Adam F., and I moved stuff out of this room upstairs and put it into a garage downstairs. After this was finished, we joined up with everybody else who was putting masking tape around the edges so another group can paint. It was pretty fun. The guy thought it was probably a two and half hour job, but it was finished in a little under an hour.